Monday, February 29, 2016

NASA Astronaut Is Back On Earth

CNN News said astronaut Scott Kelly is back on Earth after 340 days in space. He landed in the Kazakhstan desert with two Russian cosmonauts that accompanied him. He could be seen giving thumbs up and pumping his fist after being taken out of the Russian spacecraft that brought them back to Earth. Kelly and both Russian cosmonauts went into immediate field tests. Kelly completed almost a yearlong mission in space, a duration which can affect a person's vision and bones. According to Kelly, he "feels good physically," and shared that "the hardest part is being isolated from the people on the ground who are important to you."

-Laura Midkiff

Friday, February 26, 2016

Prank Vs Prank

According to Digital Spy, the YouTube channel "PrankvsPrank" is in the top 10 Youtubers who make the most money. The channel, featuring couple Jenna and Jess, makes around $4.6 million a year. They have 7 million subscribers, and that number is growing. 

They also have a vlog channel with 5 million subscribers. Their vlog channel often features their two cats, Nala and Bamboo. Based on their channel, they are a happy couple who have busy lives. It also has a lot of footage they get from flying their drone around having fun. They also continue to prank each other and come up with new ideas all the time. Their pranks are getting more and more evolved as their channel continues to grow. 

-Haley Vannatter

Rural Retreat Winter Cheerleading season comes to an end

As of Monday February 22nd, the Rural Retreat Cheerleaders turned in their uniforms, meaning the season was finally coming to end.  The girls and Jamie all had a good, but long, season. Everyone for the most part got along, cheering loud and proud. Throughout the season there was some fighting and fussing; the team even lost a team member but that never stopped the whole squad as a group from accomplishing our job. We all came very far and accomplished not only team goals, but many accomplished individual goals. We all got out there and tried our best and put a lot of effort into doing our job. Although the season is over, many will cherish the memory of being on the team and getting close to one another. Many are sad to see the season has come to an end. I, along with many other girls, will be glad to see everyone at try-outs next season.  

-Briona Snavely

Top Picks and Dark Horses of the NFL Draft

With the NFL season over and the Denver Broncos as champions, everyone is already looking forward to next season. One of the big things to look forward to is the NFL Draft, which will be held in Chicago at the end of April. There are many different talented players entering the NFL next year, including many possible difference-makers. This being said, sports writers Blake Holmes and Isaiah Addair will be making their predictions of the best players in the draft, along with our biggest dark horse. A "dark horse" player is a player that is projected to be picked in the later rounds of a draft, but has the potential to do big things.

Blake: My prediction for the biggest playmaker in this year's draft is the explosive QB out of North Dakota State, Carson Wentz. He came out of nowhere, shooting up as high as the number two pick on the mock drafts, and I can see why. He has an incredible football mind, and he makes incredible plays while running the offense. He should be an instant starter when he enters the league for whatever team picks him.

My dark-horse candidate is a little bit biased, considering that I bleed the Tennessee orange and white, but my candidate is the Volunteer linebacker, Curt Maggitt. Maggitt played until he graduated from the University of Tennessee, as he entered the draft this past season. Sadly, for his senior year, Curt hurt his knee early in the season, and did not play for the rest of the year. This does not mean that he isn't a quality player, as he has the potential to be a major run-stopper.

Isaiah: My prediction for the biggest playmaker in this year's class is between Paxton Lynch of Memphis or Corey Coleman, a wide receiver from Baylor University. At the end of the respective careers of Lynch and Jared Goff, another quarterback in this coming class, I believe that Goff will have accomplished more, but Lynch is the tallest quarterback of this draft class, and he has shown a lot of potential in both the passing and running games, leading Memphis to, at one time, a top 10 rank in NCAA Football. My reasoning for Coleman is that he is the definition of a playmaker. He runs a wide variety of routes while showing great hands and explosiveness. If opposing defenses take away the big plays, he should still contribute in any offense.

My dark-horse candidate, like Blake's, is a bit biased. Karl Joseph, a safety from West Virginia University, tore his ACL after only four games, but still ended the season with five interceptions. According to ESPN, he also had over 20 total tackles in those games. He was highly regarded as the most physical player in football before injuring his knee, and he should return to form during his rookie season. Expect a "Honey Badger" like impact.

-Blake Holmes and Isaiah Addair

GOP Candidate travels to Radford University

According to, GOP Candidate Donald Trump is set to speak at Radford University on Monday, February 29, 2016. This rally will be held only one day before Virginians cast their primary votes. Tickets were quickly sold, and this is potentially one of his last stops before the 12-state primary. The representative of the 9th District, Morgan Griffith, is endorsing Trump's campaign, while the University says that they will stand by no presidential candidate. With that being said, hosting Trump could be a ploy to draw publicity while making money in the process.


-Isaiah Addair

March Madness: Will the Madness Finally Return?

In the NCAA men's college basketball world, there have been many twists and turns. This being said, every big win and loss leads up to the NCAA Tournament, or better known as "March Madness." According to ESPN, the Villanova Wildcats are on top of the rankings, with THREE losses. This is unheard of, as the number one team normally only has about one or two losses. However, if this season has taught us anything, it's that there is not a clear favorite heading into the Big Dance. Considering the number one team last year, the Kentucky Wildcats, did not lose a game until the Final Four, this is a perfect representation of how crazy the season has been. Arguable favorites for this year's National Championship are the Villanova Wildcats, Oklahoma Sooners, Kansas Jayhawks, UNC Tar Heels, and the Michigan State Spartans. 

-Blake Holmes

Albany Students Lie About Attack

According to CNN, three University of New York at Albany students, who claim to be hate crime victims are accused of fabricating the attack. Charges against them include assault and falsely reporting an accident. This occurred a few weeks after the university held a rally in support of the black students, who claimed to be attacked by a group of white men and women. Days after the bus confrontation happened, university president Robert J. Jones in a letter said that he is "deeply concerned, saddened, and angry about the incident." After a three-week investigation, university police found the three women assaulted another passenger and falsely reported the alleged crime. According to the university police chief Frank Wiley said "those three individuals were not the victims, they are the perpetrators." Evidence was gathered from the other bus passengers that also included interviews from them and video footage from the many security cameras and passengers. According to a police statement, "no male struck the three women, the evidence indicates they were the aggressors and continued to assault the victim despite the attempt from the passengers to stop them."

-Laura Midkiff

Thursday, February 25, 2016

National FFA Week

Every year since 1947, FFA chapters celebrate National FFA Week from Saturday to Saturday . The tradition started in 1947, when the National FFA board of directors designated the week of George Washington's birthday as the National FFA week, in honor of his legacy as a agriculturalist and a farmer. At first it was not a week long event, and was only a day. National FFA week is an opportunity for member, alumni, and sponsors to advocate and spread agricultural education and the FFA program. It's also a great way to show others what FFA means to you and the impacts it has on others.

-Laura Midkiff

Family Snow Days

As many people spend their snow days at home, stuck in the house bored, sleeping, and doing nothing but laying around, my family does other wise. On snow days my family takes the advantages of spending time with each other. We as a family play board games, watch movies, and do yoga. Snow days are spent well in our house. Everyone enjoys the fun activities.  For as long as I could remember, I've hated snow and I've hated the cold, icky, and nasty mess. At the same time I also remember snow days called for family bonding and there's nothing more I love than bonding with my family. With hating the snow and loving family bonding, it all works out well and balances itself. With that all being said, take the extra free time on snowy days and spend some time with your family, love them more, and don't waste time when you can be having fun with them.

-Briona Snavely

Future Success

I plan to have future success. I plan to go to college straight out of high school. I want to go to WCC for two years and then transfer to a bigger college. I plan to become a NICU nurse, in other terms, a nurse who works in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Within the job I will work with premature babies, babies who are born sick, or babies who become sick within the first couple days after birth. While working at the hospital I plan to become a foster parent as well. Been a foster parent is not going to be an easy task, but I love to help and take care of kids. I feel as being a foster parent and nurse are not only jobs but helping the community become a better place one step at a time. All of these are future successes in which I plan to have.

-Briona Snavely

How to Make a Mountain Dew Cake

There are many steps to making a cake. First you would decide what kind of cake you would like to prepare and make, but in this case we have to use vanilla cake mix . Then you must go to the store and purchase the following ingredients: cake mix, mountain dew, eggs, butter, milk, icing, and decorations. The next step would be to prepare it all out on the counter along with laying out all the utensils you will need. Open up all unopened ingredients that will need to be used. Next you will get a bowl and put it to the side, you will put eggs, mountain dew,  milk, cake mix, and butter in the bowl, then begin to mix everything. After everything is mixed well, get out the cake pan. Next you will pour the cake batter into the pan. Next preheat the oven to about 450. After the oven is fully preheated, put the cake in, to cook for about 25-30 minutes. After putting the cake in, set a timer to know when to get the cake out. After the timer runs out, get the cake out. Let the cake cool down for approximately 10-15 minutes. Next you will open your icing and spread it on the cake evenly.  The last step to making a beautiful, yummy cake is to decorate it neatly with sprinkles, fondue, and other decorations. That is all the steps to "how to bake a mountain dew cake".

-Briona Snavely

Editorial: Child Abuse

As we all know child abuse is a big issue in the world today. What comes to most people's mind when they hear the words child abuse is physically beating a child, but that isn't always the case. Child abuse can be anywhere from physical, mental, and emotional. Abusing a child physically means putting your hands on them, hitting them, and harming them by touching them. Mentally abusing a child means that their mental stability is not right from the abuse meaning that there was something wrong that happened to them which is making then not mentally stable. Emotional abuse comes from calling a kid names, been mean to them, making fun of them. Any kind of abuse whether mental, physical, or emotional is bad. Any kind of abuse can ruin a child's life, it can make them not be able to function in the world, and can cause them to do things no kid should think of. For many kids who are abused it is hard to spot signs of any kind of abuse. 

Like many people I want to take more action in helping the children. Raise awareness for kids in the community that are abused, get the kids mentors to help the kids get back to a stable mindset. Have the mentors take the kids to eat, take them fun places, and take them to fun activities. The kids need counseling, most of all to get the problems out of the way, help them face the fact the abuse is over.  I also think we should have assemblies for the kids afraid to speak up , to say not to be scared to take a stand. The children need to know that its okay to take a stand that there's so many people standing behind them to help face the issue and to help them get through it. They need to know they aren't in the mess alone. We as people need to show support for the children who live with in our community.

-Briona Snavely

Bill Cosby asking for charges to be dropped

On December 30th, 2014, Bill Cosby was charged with sexually assaulting a woman, and in legal terms that is called aggravated indecent assault. The woman he assaulted was Andrea Constand, which was not the first woman Bill assaulted, but she was the first woman to take a stand on the matter. Bill  had invited Andrea over to discuss professional business. Later on he drugged her and assaulted her. Cosby admitted in his testimony in 2005 to having sex with Andrea but it being consensual. Today's recent news is the case is still uprising and being continued when Bill decides he will take a stand on the matter. WDBJ7 announced that Cosby will ask a judge on Tuesday to dismiss a criminal charge alleging that he sexually assaulted a woman in 2004.

-Briona Snavely

Nicole Lovell's disappearance

On Wednesday, January 27th, thirteen year old Nicole Lovell went missing from her home between midnight and 6am. Nicole had a liver transplant, which means she was required to take medicine in order to live. When she left home, she left her medicine as well. After days of looking and searching, Nicole Lovell's remains were found yesterday January 31st. They currently have Virginia Tech college student, David Eisenhauer in custody and he is being charged with First degree murder and abduction. They also have Natalie Keepers, a Virginia Tech college student as well who is been charged with disposal of a body and accessory after the fact. According to WDBJ7, preliminary hearings for Eisenhauer and Keepers will be held at 1 p.m. March 28.

-Briona Snavely

Ground Hog Day

As we all know, Ground hog's day is Today, February 2, 2016. According to NBC, "a German legend has it that if a furry rodent sees his shadow on Feb. 2, winter will last another six weeks. If not, spring comes early. The famous ground hog handler from Pennsylvania named Punxsutawney Phil announced the news that the ground hog didn't see it's shadow, meaning we would have an early spring. The news was announced publically just before 7:30 A.M by the members of the top hat-wearing Inner Circle."
-Briona Snavely

How to Watch Sports

Being the huge sports fan that I am, I personally hate it when someone watches sports wrong. I know you're asking, "How can someone watch sports wrong?" This question will be answered right now.

1. If you are watching a sport that you are not familiar with, feel free to ask questions. The sport is never going to be learned without asking questions, so don't be afraid to ask.

2. Don't try to speak facts that you don't know. It drives me nuts when I'm watching with someone who doesn't know what they are talking about, but they try to make me look like an idiot. If you have any doubt about something you are about to say, say it like a question or don't say it at all.

3. Just because you don't know the sport, that doesn't mean you can't watch it. If it's a sport that you want to learn, such as football or baseball, then watch it. I personally believe that the best way to get the true feel of the sport is to watch it live, so go out to the stadium or ballpark.

4. Finally, there is nothing wrong with not saying anything. If you get stuck having to watch a sport that you don't know, or just don't like, then silence is a good thing. Just stick through it, and at the end of it, you don't have to watch it.

There it is, how to avoid awkward encounters with sports. Use these techniques when watching sports with those huge fanatics that you know.

-Blake Holmes

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Bachelor-Episode 6

On this episode of the Bachelor, Ben took all the girls to the Bahamas. Ben took Caila on the first one-on-one date and they went deep sea fishing. After having an enjoyable day together they went to dinner and talked about their relationship. Caila opened up to Ben and told him her biggest fear was breaking his heart. He was confused but happy that she opened up to him, so Ben gave her the rose.
For the group date the girls and Ben went to a pig island where they fed and swam with (from) pigs. One of the girls in particular, JoJo kept getting chased by the pigs in the water. The group date was very awkward but one girl had fun no matter what and that was Amanda. Ben explained that she always makes the best out of situations and gave her the group date rose. Leah was also sent home on the group date because he didn't feel a connection with her and she just started drama.
Then there was a two-on-one which had Emily and Olivia on it. Emily talked to Ben about how Olivia was two-faced and was rude and fake in the house. It wasn't a very long date at the island but he sent Olivia home and kept Emily.
At the rose ceremony Lauren H was the only one sent home because two girls had already been sent home on dates.

-Cailie Pollard

The Bachelor-Episode 7

On the seventh episode of The Bachelor they traveled to Ben's hometown where he grew up. There was three one-on-ones and a group date that turned into a one-on-one. There was not a rose on any of the one-on-ones.
Lauren B got the first one-on-one and they went to an after-school facility that he used to work at with a ton of kids. They got to hang out with them and plays games with them. They were both so great with all the kids. At the end of the date, a kid shot a half-court shot and if he made it they had to kiss.  
JoJo got the second one-on-one and they went to the Wrigley Field where the Chicago Cubs play. They spent the day wearing jerseys that said Mr. and Mrs. Higgins on the back. They had a great day playing baseball together and later that day they had dinner on the field.
For the group date Becca, Caila, and Amanda went with Ben to a farm and talked to Ben. Ben got all the girls together and said that the girl who got the group date rose would spend the rest of the day together and the other two would go back to house. He gave Amanda the rose and spent the rest of the day with her. 
For the last one-on-one Emily got to go with Ben to his house to meet his parents. After she met them Ben talked to them and they said they didn't think she was ready to be a wife and Ben agreed with them. Ben took Emily back to the house and sent her home.
At the rose ceremony Ben sent Becca home because he had a stronger connection with the other three girls. 

-Cailie Pollard

2016 Varsity Baseball Preview

The 2016 baseball season has started, as this looks to be a promising season for the Indians. There are several seniors returning to replace the players in the Class of 2015. We lost the following players: Jackson Sowers, Dallas Shumate, W.K. Dalton, Nolan Ryan, Marques Hensley, Skylar Miles, and Austin Akers. This being said, there are many seniors on the team this year, and they go as follows: SS/P Wyatt Sowers, 3B Tanner Cox, 1B Trevor Tidwell, 2B/P Josh Copenhaver, OF Anthony Hawthorne, OF Blake Holmes, and OF Caleb Snider. There are many juniors also moving up to the varsity lineup this year, as they also go as follows: IF/P Trent O'Neil, IF/P Josh Penuel, IF/P Jacob Atwell, 1B/OF Cameron Bear, IF/P Jacob Davis, OF Alex Silva, OF/P Tanner Kincer, and OF/P Tanner King. Your Indians look to finish high in a talented Mountain West Conference 46, with competition from teams such as Galax, Fort Chiswell, George Wythe, Chilhowie, etc. Come on out and support your Rural Retreat Indians baseball team this spring, you won't be disappointed!

-Blake Holmes

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

ISIS Magazine "Dabiq"

In a world ruled largely by media, it should not come as a surprise to realize that even the Islamic State, or ISIS, has their own magazine issue titled "Dabiq." In these magazines, there are many shots fired toward Christians, American soldiers, and even President Obama himself. According to the Clarion Project, the tenth issue is titled "They Plot and Allah Plots." In this magazine, the Islamic State supports and attempts to justify sexual slavery, even going as far as threatening to sell First Lady Michelle Obama into slavery. In the fifth issue, "The Failed Crusade", they state that their religion "is the one with promised victory." The cover is of the Vatican flying the flag representing ISIS, displaying their attempt at conquering the world. Lastly, issue three is titled "The Flood" with an image of what appears to be Noah's ark. They explain this as meaning, "You're either with us or against us," but it may be seen to some as an indirect shot at the Christian faith. 

-Isaiah Addair

Local NFL Star Hangs it Up

A local star in the NFL retired last week, a man named Heath Miller. He was from Honaker, Virginia, although his fame is bigger than the town. 11 years ago, in 2005, Heath Miller was selected 30th overall by the Pittsburgh Steelers in the first round. Everything after that was made history, as Miller would join young, talented QB "Big Ben" Roethlisberger in a very successful 11 year career, which led to three Super Bowl appearances, with two Lombardi's going back to the 'Burgh. According to, Big Ben had a recent press conference on the subject of the shocking retirement. Ben said, "It's hard for me to talk about him. It really is. Where do you start? I could talk about him all day. But I don't know where to start." Miller has been the best Pittsburgh Steeler tight end in their history, ranking second in all time catches and third in receiving yards. This is impressive as he outranks many Hall of Fame wide receivers, like Lynn Swann for example. One of the long standing traditions of Heath's career is the thunderous sound that Heinz Field makes when he catches the ball. As soon as he touches the pigskin, fans are heard yelling his first name very loudly. Needless to say, Heath Miller has had a very successful, if not Hall of Fame career wearing the black and gold. Another impressive stat is that he has always been a Steeler, never changing teams in his NFL journey. Coming from a Steelers fan, it's been a pleasure watching him catching passes all of these years, and for the last time I say, HEEEEAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTHHHHHHHHHHHH.

-Blake Holmes

Monday, February 22, 2016

Neurofeedback: What the Government is Not Telling Us

According to a Scharnowski 2015 medical journal, something known as neurofeedback has the potential to make waves in modern science. Neurofeedback training continuously measures brain activity while immediately providing feedback regarding the participant's current brain state. It "makes information about hidden brain states accessible to our consciousness." EEG based neurofeedback training has been used to treat ADHD symptoms and epilepsy, and in other studies it has been proven to improve vision, memory, motor learning, musical performance, and cognitive processing speed. The main advantages of neurofeedback using an EEG is that it is portable and relatively inexpensive. In one training session, patients were trained on how to voluntarily increase activity in particular regions of their cerebral cortex. Limitations include the seemingly small effect sizes that are potentially a direct result of the lack or research and shortness or sessions. Typical training consists of one session of one hour, while the most extensive sessions consist of three hours spread over many days (training can sometimes take longer, this is merely Scharnowski's studies).


-Isaiah Addair

Friday, February 19, 2016

Christians and Tattoos

Many people believe that Christians should not have tattoos. They say that the Bible says specifically not to tattoo yourself, and it actually does say that. Leviticus 19:28 of the Bible says, "You must not cut your body to show sadness for someone who died or put tattoo marks on yourselves. I am the Lord (NCV)." It seems that this is clear in what it is saying. During this time, many people of other belief systems worshiped the dead or idols. They would cut themselves for their beliefs as stated in 1 Kings 18:28: "The prophets (of Baal) prayed louder, cutting themselves with swords and spears until their blood flowed, which was the way they worshiped (NCV)." With that being said, the use of the word tattoo becomes unclear, especially since the prior verse is concluded with the phrase "I am the Lord," which potentially shows that this was done as a form of worship. Furthermore, when people reference the mention of tattoos in Leviticus 19:28, they typically leave out the fact that Leviticus 19:27, the verse directly before, states that we shall not cut our hair nor trim our beards. It's strange how they seem to forget that, isn't it?

-Isaiah Addair

Maroons Busted Indians

February 18, Rural Retreat played against George Wythe in MACC. The Maroons were on fire Thursday night during the buzzer rounds for all the teams. The Indians got slaughtered by the Maroons during the English round. It was one question answered after another for the Maroons. The final score for the English round was 80-35. The Math round was next that Thursday. The Math round was very tedious, but the Indians did very well for us to only have two players. The final score for Math was 65-20, with the Maroons taking the win. The Science round was very intense Thursday. Both of the Science teams are very good for both schools. Indians lost by three points, with an early buzz in during the toss-up round. The Indians keep up with the Maroons during the Science round. The final score was 50-48, with the Maroons taking another win. The fourth team to go up was Social Studies. The Indians triumphed the Maroons during the Social Studies rounds. The toss-up round was very intense, because the Indians were loosing before the toss-up round started. The Indians made a comeback during the toss up round. Mitchell Cook was on fire for the Indians during the toss-up round, but Grayson Viars did buzz in once with the correct answer. The final score was 58-26 with the Indians taking a win. The last team to go up was the All-Around team. The Maroons took another win that night as well. The Maroons did not win as much as they did against English. The All-Around team was very frustrated, with the lost that they got that night. The Indians did make the score closer during the toss-up round, making the score 60-45. Even though the Indians only got one win, we tried our best and we will get them back in the tournament. 

-Hannah Addair  

MVP Predictions

We are over halfway through the NBA season, and the MVP race is in full swing. Arguably leading the charge of the players is Stephen Curry, the superstar point guard out of Golden State. It is very hard to vote against the star of one of the best teams in NBA history, as they are 48-4, the best start through 52 games ever. Curry has been one of the biggest suppliers of points and offense this season for the Dubs. Next up is another Warrior, Draymond Green, one of the best shooting power forwards in the NBA. He has emerged as a superstar this year, as according to NBA, he leads every player in triple doubles with eight. Finally, the last player I will be discussing is Russell Westbrook, the point guard out of Oklahoma City. He and the return of Kevin Durant has brought the Thunder back to relevance this year. Having superstar numbers in certain games this year, he is a dark horse to win the MVP. In my opinion, I believe the Steph Curry repeats as MVP this year, and eventually leads Golden State to 73-9, the best season in NBA history.
-Blake Holmes

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Muslim Man Refused Service at a Gun Range

Raja'ee Fatihah, a U.S Army reservist from Tulsa, was asked to leave a gun range in eastern Oklahoma, according to ABC News. This was only after he identified himself as a Muslim. Fatihah is suing the gun range in federal court, pushing against anti-Islamic beliefs in America. Attorneys for Raja'ee Fatihah filed the lawsuit on Wednesday in U.S. District Court. The lawsuit is against the owners of Save Yourself Survival and Tactical Gun Range in the small town of Oktaha. A sign at the gun range declared it "Muslim-free." Fatihah's lawyer Brady Henderson says similar signs have been placed at businesses in Florida, ArkansasKentucky and New York. The store owner's attorney, Robert Muise, says Fatihah was denied service because he was belligerent, not because of his religion.

-Haley Vannatter

2016 All Star Weekend a Big Success

This year's All-Star weekend in the NBA was a big success, as it added a little twist to the usual activities. It began with the Rising Stars game, where there were two teams that faced off. Since it was held in Toronto, Canada, one team was made up of very good young players from the USA, while the other team was made up by good young players from around the world. This was a VERY high scoring game, but everyone knows that nobody plays defense during All-Star weekend anyways. According to ESPN, the United States team defeated the World team 157-154, with some certain players standing above the others. Zach LaVine would take home the MVP honors, after scoring an impressive 30 points and getting seven rebounds. He wasn't the only one to drop 30 points, as Kristaps Porzingis and Emmanuel Mudiay did it as well. Mudiay even had 10 assists in the game. The next night was even more exciting, as it began with the Taco Bell Skills Challenge. There ere four guards that competed, and four big men as well. Surprisingly, a big man won it, Karl Anthony-Towns for the Minnesota Timberwolves, beating out Isaiah Thomas from the Boston Celtics. Next up was the 3-point contest, featuring a number of fantastic shooters. They were: Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, James Harden, J.J Redick, Devin Booker, Kyle Lowry, C.J McCollum, and Khris Middleton. Steph Curry and Klay Thompson easily made it into the finals, but the most impressive feat was the 19 year old Devin Booker making the final round. In the end, Thompson would bring home the hardware in an impressive 27 point final round performance. Finally, the most exciting thing that happened this weekend was the Verizon Slam Dunk Contest, featuring four players, Will Barton from the Denver Nuggets, Andre Drummond from the Detroit Pistons, Aaron Gordon from the Orlando Magic, and defending champion Zach LaVine from the Minnesota Timberwolves. The two dunkers that would make it to the final round consisted of Gordon and LaVine, but what happened next is close to being possibly the greatest slam dunk contest of all time. In my opinion, Aaron Gordon should have won, as he made one of the greatest dunks of all time, when he jumped OVER a mascot ON A HOVERBOARD, and put the ball underneath his legs on his way to a superstar slam. 
Even though Gordon did that, LaVine did go between his legs from just in front of the foul line. LaVine would take home the trophy, although many think that Gordon was robbed. Finally, on Sunday night, the All-Star game was played, and there were some superstars in that game as well. For starters, this was the last All-Star game that Kobe Bryant would be a part of, as the Black Mamba no longer has venom in his fangs. He will retire after this season, leaving a legendary career behind him. This being said, Russell Westbrook took the MVP award in a 196-173 victory for the Western All-Stars. This was a very successful weekend for the NBA, and I can't wait for next year's.

-Blake Holmes

Elf Blushes and Bronzer

This blush bronzer in Fiji (matte) is $4.00 on the elf cosmetics website. It is great for beginners and very easy to use. The blush is good for anyone who wants to have a natural flush to their cheeks. You don't need a heavy hand to get it to show up, but you also don't need to worry about looking like a clown due to too much pigmentation. The bronzer has a good undertone, not too orange or too cool. You can leave it looking natural or build it up as much as you want.

Overall, I love this duo and recommend it to everyone, beginner or makeup artist; it's perfect for you.

-Haley Vannatter

Company Introduces Security Jewelry To Protect Its Wearers Against Assault

Most people associate GPS trackers as jewelry with punishment, where you must be documented at all times, most commonly known as house-arrest ankle bracelets and GPS trackers on vehicles. For the first time ever, GPS trackers bring a different angle on security. A company named Stiletto recently introduced a line of necklaces that have a button hidden in the gem, which gives the wearer better peace of mind when they are out by themselves. If a person feels threatened or scared, they push the button down on the gem and the local police are notified. The GPS technology inside the charm tells the police where they are, and a microphone is available for the dispatcher to listen when they aren't able to speak. When they are safe, or it turns out they weren't threatened, they push the gem down again, which cancels the police call. The maker of this particular brand made this jewelry primarily for women, but there are other companies following close behind with similar men's products. These gems are available in a number of styles, colors, and metal types to fit any preference. As of right now, necklaces are priced at about $179, but it is worth every penny to ensure one's security. This is the future and the beginning of lowering the rate of assaults and violent crimes in the United States.

~Kara Wingo

Dave Mirra BMX Legend Leaves Loving Family Behind

Source: Games Radar
David Micheal "Dave" Mirra, American BMX athlete, Subaru Rally Team USA driver, and business owner, was found in a truck dead of what is suspected to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound in North Carolina. The Greenville Mayor, Allen Thomas, stated in an interview with The Guardian, "We mourn the loss today of a great friend and wonderful human being who touched the lives of so many people around the world." Mirra was a very talented BMX rider who won 14 Gold Medals at the X-Games, but his career was almost ended in late 1993 after he was hit by a drunk driver.  He then recovered and broke a world record in late 2008, also winning 24 medals in this time frame. He was also a rally driver and competed in triathlons and Iron Man competitions. Unfortunately, he left his two beautiful children and wife behind. Greenville Police will be releasing more information early next week.  

-Aeriel Corvin

Friday, February 12, 2016

Kansas vs. Oklahoma Round Two

A huge match-up in the college basketball world this week happens with the #6 Kansas Jayhawks traveling to Norman, Oklahoma to take on the #3 Oklahoma Sooners. Not only are there two potential national title contenders in this game, but the first game between these two this season has only fueled the fire. According to ESPN, the first game ended in a triple overtime thriller with the Jayhawks coming out on top, 109-106. Even if Kansas pulled it out, the Sooners had arguably one of the biggest performance by a college player in recent memory in Buddy Hield, who had a mind-boggling 46 points. I seriously believe that this game could live up to the hype that the first game had, but I think that the Sooners take this one in regulation, 65-61.

-Blake Holmes

Beyonce References Black Panthers

During the Super Bowl 50 halftime show, Beyonce performed with Coldplay and Bruno Mars. This show was supposedly to promote diversity, but it took a turn for the worst with Beyonce's wardrobe. According to Fox News, Beyonce was referencing the Black Panther Party with how she and her dancers were dressed. Sporting afros and black berets, they all formed an "X" that payed homage to Malcolm X, the leader of the Black Panthers. Some supported this act by saying it was merely promoting the "Black Lives Matter" movement, but few remember that the Black Panthers believed violence would solve the issues with Civil Rights. I support the "Black Lives Matter" movement, as I see every day that racism is still a problem in the United States, but this movement is not one of violence like the Black Panthers promoted.


-Isaiah Addair

Monday, February 8, 2016

"ANTI" by Rihanna: Album Review

       From 2006 to 2012, Rihanna released one album every year. Each received critical and commercial acclaim and worldwide success. In the ten year expanse of her career, the superstar has amassed an incredible 13 number one singles, tying her with Michael Jackson for third most number one singles of all time (only surpassed by Mariah Carey and The Beatles). But when she failed to release an album in November (her signature release period) 2013, people began to worry. November 2014 came and went, as did 2015, marking the longest period of time the singer had ever gone without putting out an album. Finally, after years of production and promotion, Rihanna's eighth studio album "ANTI" was released on January 28th, 2016. Naturally, I was one of the first to purchase it, and I've been listening to it quite a bit throughout the past week.
       The album opens with a slow to mid-tempo trap song entitled "Consideration" and it features guest vocals by SZA. The track features Rihanna singing in her trademark Barbadian accent, with SZA chiming in for the chorus. Definitely one of the stand out songs from the album, "Consideration" proves to be a strong opening number. The second song, "James", is a slow, one minute reggae interlude that chronicles an argument with a boyfriend. "James" is very weak compared to the rest of the album, due to its slow nonsensical lyrics, and lack of proper organization.
        My personal favorite track, a mid-tempo rock tinged power ballad dubbed "Kiss it Better" comes third. This number gives us classic radio style Rihanna (I expect this one to be a strong performer on the charts if released as a single), with a catchy hook and meaningful chorus, infused with electric guitar chords. I wrote about the fourth track, "Work", last week when it was released alongside the album as the first official single from "ANTI". With a guest verse by Canadian rapper, Drake, "Work" sees Rihanna return to her Caribbean roots in full force, featuring a thick island accent. Although I wasn't a huge fan of it upon first hearing it, this song is definitely an earworm that grows on you. The chanting chorus consisting of "Work work work work work work" managed to get stuck in my head and stay there for a while. It isn't what I would have picked as a first single (see "Kiss it Better"), but this is one of the best songs I've heard from her. When I first heard the fifth track, "Desperado", I instantly thought of Rihanna's fourth album. Her 2009 record "Rated R" marked a dark period for the singer, as she had recently broken up with her then boyfriend, Chris Brown. "Desperado" sounds as though it could fit perfectly with her previous singles, "Russian Roulette" and "Wait Your Turn". Complete with consistent, haunting, robotic backing vocals, "Desperado" obviously has a deeper meaning to it, as the singer closes each chorus with "There is nothing here for me anymore, but I don't want to be alone." Much like some of her previous songs, it exudes a radio ready quality.
        Once you get to the sixth song, things take a turn for the worse. "Woo", featuring Travis $cott, opens with 2 siren notes repeating for about 30 seconds until Travis interjects with a heavily auto tuned wail. By far the worst on the album, this unorganized mess came as a disappointment. Considering Travis $cott's track record of great songs, I expected more from this collaboration. Thankfully the next track, "Needed Me" is without doubt a banger. Produced my DJ Mustard, this base heavy song is a club ready trap number that includes heavy synthesizers and 808 drums. Rihanna shows off her vocal prowess throughout the chorus, and slows down to the point of rapping in between. Reminiscent of "Pour it Up" from 2012, "Needed Me" is one of my favorites. The eighth, "Yeah I Said It", is a two and a half minute long psychedelic pop number that I wish was longer. Rihanna's voice is almost a whisper as she croons about her boyfriend in a sultry manner. However, it's the actual music that I like about this one. Featuring subtle strings and electronic beeps that create a dream-like atmosphere, "Yeah I Said It", will leave you wanting more when it ends.
       In 2015, an indy band called Tame Impala released a song called "New Person, Same Ol' Mistakes". The ninth song on "ANTI" is just a cover of Tame Impala's song. Although a good cover, Rihanna doesn't add her own style to the song at all. It is simply her vocals over the original music. I feel like she could have done more, because you can even hear the original background vocals. "Love on the Brain", a raspy power ballad rich with jazz influence, instantly reminds me of one of my favorite singers of all time, the late Amy Winehouse. This one is definitely a new sound from Rihanna, unlike anything previously heard. Upon first listening, I couldn't tell for sure that it was even her. 
       However, it is the last song on the album that will make you truly appreciate this masterpiece. "Close to You", rumored to be about ex-boyfriend, Chris Brown, is a slow piano track that gradually brings the album to a stop. Rihanna shows off her more personal side, flaunting her beautiful voice, and creating a sense of loneliness and emotion. "I'm coming now to be close to you" she croons, calling out to a person she is in love with, but who doesn't love her back. I was riding in a car the first time I heard it, and I almost cried. After the last of Rihanna's vocals fade into the background, follows about 30 seconds of mellow strings and piano notes...and just like that, it's over. 
         Completely worth the (extremely) long wait, "ANTI" is a musical rarity. Blending new sounds with old classic Rihanna-style music, it brings a new/fresh mix of vocals and music combined with an arsenal of radio-ready pop songs. Keeping in mind Rihanna's track record for having  ridiculously successful albums throughout her career, this album certainly lives up to the hype. I personally am extremely impressed by "ANTI". I would venture as far as to say that this is her greatest achievement, and I can't wait to see what we can hear out of this album in the coming year.                             

-Cade Tickle

Forensics: 5 Advance in Conference Tournament

On Saturday, February 6, 2016, Rural Retreat traveled to Rocky Gap to compete in the Conference Forensics Competition. Bland and George Wythe placed as a team in 1st and 2nd places, respectively. Out of the ten categories, Bland took home 1st in eight of them while George Wythe placed 1st in the remaining two. Rural Retreat had five competitors advance to the Regional Competition. Isaiah Addair, Brooklyn Mullins, and Jenna Terry placed 2nd in their categories while Catey Mlynski and Mitchell Cook placed third. The Regional Competition will take place on Wednesday, February 24th.


-Isaiah Addair

Friday, February 5, 2016

Johnny Manziel's Career Seemingly Over

According to the NFL, on March 9, 2016, the beginning of the next league year, the Cleveland Browns will release the man known as Johnny "Football." Manziel's agent announced on February 5th that he will no longer be representing Manziel. All of this comes in the wake of his recent incidents. It was recently reported that Manziel had "struck his girlfriend several times." He allegedly struck her while in a hotel room and while driving back to her apartment. The girlfriend ran to her neighbor's house while Manziel fled the scene. Charges will not be filed. In response to this domestic violence, Manziel's father said, "I truly believe if they can't get him help, he will not live to see his 24th birthday." In the past, Johnny Manziel struggled with alcoholism. He supposedly had gotten help while away at rehab, but apparently that wasn't enough.


-Isaiah Addair

Full House to Fuller House

A lot of us have grown-up watching reruns of Full House, and now Netflix is producing a sequel called Fuller House with all of our favorites coming back including some new faces in the cast.
The new series is similar to the original. D.J. Tanner-Fuller asks for help from her sister, Stephanie, and her best friend Kimmy, with raising her three sons along with Kimmy's daughter after husband, Tommy dies. This highly anticipated series is set to premiere on February 26, 2016.

- Faith Hamman

Men's NCAA Basketball: Who Wants to be Number One?

It seems like every college basketball season there is a clear favorite heading into March Madness. This year, that is a very different statement, as so many good teams have lost. It began earlier in the season, when the preseason number one North Carolina lost to the Northern Iowa Panthers on the road. According to SportsBlog, at this time two years ago, the top five teams in the nation combined for a total of three losses. This top five included three undefeated teams, with two of them losing at least one. This year, the top five teams combine for 14 losses, and even though the season is only about 20 games in, there is no longer an undefeated in the NCAA. The number one team has been knocked off time and time again, to where we are today, with Oklahoma at number one in the nation. Led by Buddy Hield, a potential top three draft pick, the Sooners have a 19-2 record. If I had to pick a favorite going into the Tourney, I believe that the team that could make a run is the Kansas Jayhawks. This team is very talented, and is the reason for one of Oklahoma's two losses. There is still a lot of basketball left to be played, so we can only see what happens.

-Blake Holmes

The Crusader: An Unlikely Superhero (Part 2)

As soon as Slade Gideon asks God about the motorcycle helmet "armor," another angel from God came from a sudden bright light. 
"You have accomplished the mission that your Father had for you. By doing this you showed great obedience and selflessness."
"I only did what was asked of me," Gideon says. "What comes next?"
"The armor you had was not the real Armor of God, but it was blessed by the Lord. After obeying orders, you will not be blessed with the real Armor," the angel explains. "Your Sword of Spirit is in the form of a bow. The bow can double as a double-edged sword with small swords for arrows."

"The Shield of Faith can be tied on your back when not in use. This shield can double as a quiver for your arrows."

"The Helmet of Salvation looks like a jacket hood, and the Breastplate of Righteousness is camouflaged as a leather vest with a large cross on the front. The breastplate is also attached to the Belt of Truth."

"Thank you for this honor. I promise I will do all I can to bring glory to God," states Gideon. 
The next day, Gideon wakes up to the sound of police sirens. A shooting is taking place at a local mall, and the shooter is keeping hostages. Speaking the verses of Ephesians, Gideon is fully covered in armor. He quickly runs to the mall and is able to make it into the building through a back entrance that is strangely not being barricaded by the SWAT team. The shooter, watching the security cameras, sees Gideon enter the building and confronts him. Gideon draws his bow as the shooter stares down the sites of his magnum. 
"Father forgive him, for he knows not what he does," Gideon murmurs.
The shooter begins to put down his gun when he hears this because he feels as if Gideon will not actually shoot. He is wrong. Gideon fires his first arrow, and it goes directly through the shooter, seemingly phasing straight through him as if he isn't even there. When the bow exits out of his back, something in the shape of a man comes with it. The figure is a little cloudy, but it is pierced by the recently shot arrow. A screech comes from it as it fades away, and the shooter falls to the floor. Gideon flees the scene as he hears the police barge through the door to the mall. That night, the angel comes to him in a dream.
"God was pleased with your performance today, Slade," the angel said.
"Thank you, but can you explain what happened?" Gideon asked.
"The arrows you have cannot hit the flesh. Those arrows defeat and destroy demons, and you defeated one today."

-Isaiah Addair

Thursday, February 4, 2016

The Bachelor-Episode 5

The fifth episode of The Bachelor took place in Mexico for an exciting adventure. There were two one-on-ones and one group date. 
The first one-on-one went to Amanda, one of my absolute favorites. Ben came into the girls' rooms at about four in the morning and woke them up. After they were all awake he gave Amanda 15 minutes to get ready and then they were off on their date. He took her on a hot air balloon ride and to dinner. They talked about her past and her children. Ben said he could really see a life with her and of course gave her the rose.
The other one-on-one went to Lauren H. who hasn't had much time with Ben. They went to a fashion house and were trying on clothes when a man told them they were going to be in his fashion show. Ben already knew of course but Lauren was very shocked. Ben and Lauren got glamoured up for the show and went to rehearsal. They took their places in line and walked the runway like it was their job. After they were done they went to dinner and learned more about each other. After talking there was a mutual attraction and he gave her the rose.
The group date had Olivia, Jennifer, Leah, Becca, Lauren B., Caila, Jubilee, JoJo, and Emily. They met Ben and went up to a classroom where they had a Spanish class. During their class Jubilee got rude with Ben when he said he loved her in Spanish. She told him that he had said that to the last four girls and walked away. After the class the girls were introduced to two chefs that own a restaurant. The girls were told they were going to have to buy all the ingredients and cook a Mexican dish. The girls had to get in groups of two, but to do that Ben had to participate too. Jubilee and Olivia had a stand off to see who would be his partner and Olivia won. Lauren B. and Jubliee had the best dish judged by the chefs. When they went to dinner Olivia stole Ben first once again. Ben had time with all the girls then when he asked Jubilee to go talk she went but pulled away from him when he tried to hold her hand. After talking he sent her home because he didn't see them having a connection anymore. 
At the rose ceremony shots were fired when Olivia heard Amanda talking about her daughters and said it was like an episode of Teen Mom. Amanda and Emily talked to Ben about Olivia's other side so after hearing about that Ben proceeded to ask around to the other girls about Olivia. Right before the rose ceremony Ben told Chris Harrison that he needed to speak to Olivia.

To be continued........

-Cailie Pollard 

Fort Bliss soldiers accused of executing teenager

On Wednesday, according to NBC News,  Pvt. Tyler Shane Hall and Sgt. Eric Duvall were arrested and charged with the murder of 16 year-old Michael Tapia, whose body was found on Sunday. As of right now Hall and Duvall are both on a $1 million bond. Witnesses identified them and said that they showed up at Tapia's house and were seen with him. About an hour later, Hall and Duvall showed back up to the house, telling the family that they shot him and that Hall was the one that pulled the trigger. The family said that they would have come forward sooner but were too scared to do so because one of the other family members had been shot in the past by Duvall, but they did not press charges. So as of now Hall and Duvall are being held in El Paso waiting for their yet-to-be-determined court date.

-Collin Aker

Truth Behind The Chick-fil-A Diet

According to CBS News, today's latest diet tips are from the famous fast food chain. Chick-Fil-A is now offering healthy options for their customers to start off the new year, and is recommending smaller meal sizes every three to four hours, such as the new 8-count grilled chicken nuggets. This is known as the "Chick-fil-A" diet. It may sound a little crazy and very unhealthy to eat chicken nuggets every three to four hours, but with the grilled option it is considered healthy. To take a better look, the nutrition facts reveal the serving of 8 nuggets is 140 calories and a good source of protein, making this the healthiest option at a fast food restaurant. Registered dietitians, however, do not recommend this on a daily basis, and say to include them with healthy side options.

-Laura Midkiff

Andrew Menas: Growing Tall

Andrew Menas was 4'4" in fifth grade, and kids made fun of him daily. "People look at bigger kids with more respect. They think they have more power," says Andrew's father in a People Magazine article. All his male classmates had grown to be over 5'5" at that time.

Menas had not always been short; as a toddler he was normal, to even above, the average growth rate. Starting in second grade, his height slowly started to fall behind all his male classmates. "He wore the same winter coat for three years," says his mother.

In 1998, a specialist prescribed injections of human growth hormone—a therapy used to boost growth with a chemical derived from the pituitary gland. Most kids who take this drug only grow around 2 inches. However, Andrew grew over a foot.

At Andrew's graduation from Loch Raven High School in Baltimore, Menas stood 5'11" among the tallest people in his class. He stopped taking the medicine in August. "It's changed our lives," says his dad. "The taller the male, the better."

In Andrew's case, doctors predicted in 1998 that he would only be around 5 ft. "We thought, 'Oh my gosh, that would be horrible for a male,'" says Chris Menas. "Girls would be so much taller and, I hate to say it, but even in getting a job it would be a huge disadvantage."

In July 2003, after years of testing, the Food and Drug Administration approved human growth hormone for use by children who, for no known medical reason, have projected adult heights of less than 5'3" for boys and 4'11" for girls. The hormone treatment is expected to sell well, even at a cost of up to $30,000 a year.

-Haley Vanantter 

One Year and 2173 Miles Later

Nichole Kowalski has moved from Phoenix, AZ to Raleigh, NC in the last year. That's 2,173 miles across the country. Not only has she made a big move but she has moved 4 months pregnant and with a wedding less than a year away. 

What were a few of the struggles you faced in this move? 
         - I really started to miss my old routine of working, gym and knowing my surroundings. It was difficult for me to find my purpose again. I started to miss having fun with people my age. And I obviously worried about being out of a job with a baby on the way. 

How has this negatively/positively impacted you?
         - As difficult as it was to quit my job and move across the country, we knew it would be best for us in the long. We still face times when things are hard but nothing compares to being close to family. 

What is next for your busy new life? 
          - Finishing preparing for a new baby and wedding. It will be another very difficult but rewarding change in our life, but after this year we'll be able to say "look at everything we accomplished together." 

-Makayla Kowalski

JV to VS: Cailie Pollard

How do you feel about moving up from JV to VS? 
         - I was honored that my hard work paid off because it was my first year of basketball. I played the whole season, all but two games, on varsity. Hard work does pay off. 

How do you warm up for games?
          - We do regular warm-ups as a team by doing lay-ups, horse-shoe, 3 on 2, and foul shots. 

What are the major differences between being on the Varsity team and the JV team?
          - Varsity is a level up in difficulty and speed. You have to make sure you are on your feet ready to go because most girls on varsity are experienced and very good. 

What are your favorite parts of as game?
           - My favorite part of basketball is the defense and making a shot. It gives you such a great feeling to back someone up and not let them shoot. It also gives you such an adrenaline rush when you make a shot. 

Are you glad you were bumped to Varsity? 
           - I love the game. It's exciting to play and watch. It feels awesome to see all my hard work pay off.

-Makayla Kowalski

Ride Along 2

Ride along 2 was released to theaters January 15, 2016. Receiving over 41.5 billion dollars in ticket sales, Ride Along 2 left the new Star Wars, the Revenant and other hit movies, in 2015 dust. The sequel to the original Ride Along, starring Ice Cube and Kevin Hart, had every person in the theaters full of laughter. The movie is filled to the brim with dry humor from the comedian star Kevin Hart. The movie also includes action, short love stories, and somewhat of a heartfelt family story. The action and comedy shine through the story line throughout the movie plot, being it is about two cops solving a risky case. This movie definitely rose up to the success of the original film. It keeps the same humor and action packed feel that everyone loved in the first movie while still following the story line. I definitely recommend taking the time to watch it. 

-Makayla Kowalski

Alabama Comes Out on Top in Recruiting Class

This year, the number one recruiting class goes to the Alabama Crimson Tide. They ended up getting four out of the top twenty recruits, as the notable recruits are inside linebacker Ben Davis, outside linebacker Lyndell Wilson, offensive tackle, and finally running back B.J. Emmons. However, everyone always expects Alabama to do great on signing day, being that since 2008 Alabama has had at least a top ten recruiting class. This year has been Alabama's best year by far, getting a whole new front line that they desperately needed. So look for Alabama to be a tough team to beat in this upcoming college football season.

-Collin Aker

Review: NBA 2k16

The review for this game may be a little late, but this is such a good video game that it deserves it. NBA 2k16 came out in September of 2015, but it is still a game played by a lot of people. Many people say there are many things similar to the older NBA games, but this one has many more features and options than the others had. The first option that comes to mind is the relocation that the player can do of their franchise team. Let's say that I start a "MyTeam" with the Atlanta Hawks, which means that I become the GM of the team. If I wanted to move the Hawks to Richmond, I can do that, but I must go through the full relocation process, which is really cool. First, you pick your city, and then you customize your arena and uniforms, including what to make your finances go to with the stadium. After all of that is done, you send your idea to the other GM's, who then vote on the relocation. If you get more than 15 GM's to say yes, then it goes. If not, then it's back to the drawing board. 
Another feature and probably the best new thing on the game is the new and improved MyCareer. In the past, it was all the same, starting off by entering the draft and playing in the NBA. The newest career mode was created by the famous director and Knicks fan, Spike Lee, so you knew that it was going to be a dramatic career. You start out in Brooklyn, going to your local high school. Yes, you get to play high school basketball in this game, but it doesn't stop there. Throughout the career mode, you meet your family and friends, but many scholarship offers come your way as well. For the first time since 2010, college basketball appeared on a video game, as you chose your college and then went on. I am not going to say what exactly happens throughout the MyCareer, as there are many ups, downs, twists, and turns to spoil, and there is even some sadness in there. 
The last thing I will be discussing is the insanely good graphics that are shown on this game. I have been playing this game on multiple occasions when a person will walk in and ask who is playing, thinking that I am watching a real NBA game.
In the end, NBA 2k16 has probably been the best game in the entire series, and I can't wait for 2k17.

-Blake Holmes

RR Varsity Girls take the win against Patrick Henry

Rural Retreat came out ready to take the win against Patrick Henry. RR pushed the ball the whole game and never slowed down. Patrick Henry tried to slow RR down with bad screens but got called for charges. RR took the win with an ending score of RR 43 and PH 25.

-Cailie Pollard

RR Varsity boys fight GW for the win once again.

Rural Retreat Varsity Boys played GW at home during a quad game at home. The GW boys are a very skilled basketball team. They normally don't have to work too hard to beat most teams. They have very tall players that exceed the the height of our tallest players. RR went hard at it, but still lost with a score of RR 45 and GW 62.

-Cailie Pollard

RR Varsity Girls play half and half against Narrows

The Rural Retreat Lady Indians came out ready to play in the first quarter with an ending score of 14-8. RR came out for the second quarter taking a break and the ending score was 21-23. The girls came out for the third quarter ready to go again with an ending score of 34-27, but took another break during the fourth quarter with an ending score of 43-49.

-Cailie Pollard

Wrestlers travel to Glenvar

The tournament at Glenvar consisted of about 13 teams. It was a long tournament with three rounds: the placement round, semi-finals, and finals. The champions from RR were Leighton Powell (152), Caleb Snider (160), and Cade Rouse (220). The final team scores were Staunton River 1st, Grundy 2nd, and Rural Retreat 3rd.

-Cailie Pollard

RR varsity boys get lazy against Narrows

RR Boys came out asleep against Narrows and had to battle the whole game. It was a difficult game for RR with easy shots and foul shots missed. The end game score was RR 37 and Narrows 48.

-Cailie Pollard

Creative: Squad 2.0

-Josh Wynn and Wyatt Henley

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

RR Varsity Boys beat Holston at the second go around.

Rural Retreat played Holston for a second time at home, looking for a win this game. RR fought the whole game to defeat Holston, but within the last few seconds Holston was up by two and fouled Jacob Underwood. Underwood made both of the shots and tied the game, so they went into overtime. Holston kept getting frustrated and fouling, causing RR to win the game 76-66.

-Cailie Pollard 

RR varsity girls bring their game yet again against GW

The varsity girls' basketball team went at it again for the second time against GW, but with a change of pace this game. RR went at it from the time the whistle blew to the end of the game buzzer, but so did GW. GW threw many fouls that the refs didn't call, which could've made RR win the game, but we will never know. RR still came out a proud team because of how hard they played with an ending score of RR 26 and GW 33.

-Cailie Pollard 

Rural Retreat Varsity Lady Indians defeat Holston once again

On Thursday, January 28th, RR played Holston at home. Holston got the jump ball and scored, but after that RR was ready to go. Holston got frustrated and fouled like crazy the whole second half. RR pulled through all the fouls and won the game 55-31.

-Cailie Pollard 

RR VS girls bring their A game to beat Fort Chiswell.

On January 26th Rural Retreat girls played Fort Chiswell for the second time, but this time, it was at home. Rural Retreat lost to them 33-66 the first time they played them, so the Indians needed to step it up this game. RR came onto the court ready to go as soon as the jump ball went up. RR led most of the game until the fourth quarter, as Fort Chiswell out scored Rural Retreat. The final score for the game was RR 51 and Fort Chiswell 64.

-Cailie Pollard

Teen Severely Injured after "Duct Tape Challenge" Goes Horribly Wrong

A new "challenge" has been sweeping the social media sites this past week it's not the snow challenge nor the ice bucket challenge but it is the "Duct Tape Challenge". Many teens have been participating in this popular trend with their friends, the idea is that you get your friends to wrap duct tape all over your body (mainly duct taping the arms together and same with the legs) then seeing how fast it takes you to get free. But unfortunately for 14 year old Skylar Fish after this challenge he was rushed to the Seattle Children's Hospital in Washington. His arms and legs were bonded together and as soon as he stood up, he went crashing and hit the concrete. This caused traumatic bleeding to the brain and crushing his cheek bone and damaging nerves in his left eye. Skylar had surgery which they had to put 48 staples in his head and the doctor gave him and his family the shocking news that he may never regain vision in his left eye due to the injury. "All I can stay positive." stated Skylar while recovering after surgery. The Washington Mom is trying to warn the dangers of these challenges and how they may pose a threat on your children, she is trying to get the word out to concerned parents across the Nation. Skylar is still currently staying the Seattle Children's Hospital and is getting out sometime this upcoming week. 

- Aeriel Corvin