Friday, April 29, 2016

Helicopter crash just outside of Norway

     Off the coast of Hordaland, Norway on Friday, a helicopter crash killed 11 people. According to CNN, there were thirteen people on board, and there are still divers searching the area for survivors. Superintendent Morten Kronen stated that they do not know if anyone survived the crash, but a rescue and recovery are still in effect. He also stated the helicopter could have been flying in from an oil platform in the North Sea. "We have observed that there are people floating in the sea," said Kronen. "We have a large amount of boats and divers and helicopters in the area. It's a large area to search." 

-Josh Wynn

Fiction: "the thing that happened at night"

When I awoke the next morning, it looked weird outside. It looked as if there had been a big explosion, but when did it happen? I don't remember it happening while I was awake. I guess it happened while I was asleep, but how did it not wake me up? I went outside to see how big the spot was, and I almost fell off my front porch. How did the explosion get so close to my house but not hit it? The hole was so large it could have fit my neighborhood inside. I went to Lowe's and bought several tons of fill dirt and lots of grass seed. When I got home, everything was back to normal, but how did this happen? I think it might have all been an illusion.

Mother's Day Flower Previews from the RRHS Greenhouse

Remembering Prince

Prince was still at the young age of 57 when he passed on April 21, having reportedly been awake for 157 hours working before his death (TMZ). He was born on June 7, 1958, as Prince Rogers Nelson. He played bass guitar, and he also was an actor, songwriter and singer, becoming popular for the first time in the late 1970s. He had many famous records, the most famous of which is probably "Purple Rain," which also inspired a movie by the same name. 

~Kelly Quinley

Game Stats: Golden State Warriors vs. Rockets

According to ESPN--
Golden State Warriors vs. Rockets
Final Score: 114-81

Warriors Team Leaders
Minutes: 34.0
Points Per Game: 23.4
Offensive Rebound: 0.8
Defensive Rebound: 3.4
Rebounds Per Game: 4.2
Assists Per Game: 3.4
Steals Per Game: 1.40
Points Per Game: 13.2
Offensive Rebound: 1.4
Defensive Rebound: 8.2
Rebounds Per Game: 9.6
Assists Per Game: 6.6
Steals Per Game: 1.40
Minutes: 19.0
Points Per Game: 15.0
Offensive Rebound: 0.5
Defensive Rebound: 3.0
Rebounds Per Game: 3.5
Assists Per Game: 3.5
Steals Per Game: 2.00
Minutes: 18.0
Points Per Game: 4.8
Offensive Rebound: 2.0
Defensive Rebound: 4.0
Rebounds Per Game: 6.0
Assists Per Game: 2.0
Steals Per Game: 0.80

Oklahoma Court: Not rape if the victim is intoxicated or unconscious?

According to CNN, in one Oklahoma court, if you are intoxicated or unconscious and are raped via oral sex, the defendant is found not guilty. This court dismissed a charge that a 17-year-old male that had forced a 16-year-old female to perform oral sex because she was drunk at the time that it happened. Apparently, their statute states "sexual intercourse involving vaginal or anal penetration." Once state Representative Scott Biggs, heard about the case, he took a stand. He commented, "I think the judges made a grave error, if they need more clarification, we are happy to give it to them by fixing the statute. Unfortunately, legal minds often get stuck on questions of semantics, when it is clear to most of us what the intent of the law is." He helped sponsor the bill that contains the statute and he stated his goal was to create "legislation to define forcible sodomy in a way that includes unconscious victims."

- Destinee Testerman

Miracle baby lives due to the power of prayer

When Paisley Hatfield, daughter of Carissa and Matt Hatfield, was born, her parents noticed that she had a little droop on the left side of her face, reports WCPO Cincinnati. The Hatfields said, "We noticed her eye -- when she would cry, her eye would not shut all the way," Carissa said. "It would stay open, and when she started to smile, the same side of her mouth would not move." They took her to the pediatrician, who suggested getting a scan done, and that it be done very soon. On November 20th, 2015 the Hatfields took their daughter to Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center where they found out that she had a malignant tumor. Paisley's parents were very upset.  Her mother said, "It was just so devastating knowing that my three-month-old baby pretty much got her death sentence right there." Paisley's father said, "I was terrified of losing my little girl. I just prayed and prayed."  The doctor's words didn't stop the Hatfields' faith in God; they prayed as much as possible for Paisley to just be alright. The following Monday morning, the Hatfields were told to return to the hospital for Paisley to have a biopsy. The surgeon cut behind Paisley's ear and into her head. The surgery that was expected to take three hours took 30 minutes. The doctor who was performing this dangerous surgery said, "Your prayers must have worked, because when I went in there to biopsy that tumor, nothing was there." He said "I have no explanation. I have never seen this in all my time." Baby Paisley's family describes her as a miracle baby and living proof that God works wonders. Matthew, Paisley's dad, says, "There are so many kids over there at Children's. Don't give up hope. I mean, prayers work. Prayers can be answered. Our baby is a living testimony to that."

-Briona Snavely

Our Amazing Planet: Box Jellyfish

According to National Geographic, the box jellyfish, also known  as the sea wasp, lives in coastal waters off Northern Australia and throughout the Indo-Pacific. They are invertebrates, and measure about 20cm along each side and about  4.4 pounds. Their tentacles grow up to 3m in length. They have up to 15 tentacles, and each individual tentacle has 5,000 stinging cells. They are pale blue and transparent in color. Their life isn't very long in the ocean; it's less than a year. The box jellies are very advanced, unlike normal jellyfish. The box jellyfish is one of the world's most poisonous creatures. When attacked by this dangerous animal, the toxins attack the heart, nervous system and skin cells. If stung by a box jellyfish, a person usually dies either from the poison, heart failure or drowning due to shock. Those who survive feel pain for weeks and have scars."
-Briona Snavely

Kevin Wheelers of Max Meadows charged with breaking and entering

 Kevin Landon Wheelers got caught breaking and entering into a Topaz Drive residence in Max Meadows. The neighbors of the home noticed him run around the corner and had seen the window forced open. As Kevin tried running to his car, the neighbors held him down until police arrived. According to SWVA Today, "Looking for any items possibly stolen from the Geneva Overton residence, police got a search warrant for the Buick the same day. In addition to finding prescription pills and a camera case with methamphetamine, smoking devices and drug paraphernalia, officers collected jewelry, a box of military pendants, collector rocks, tire gauge and a brown basket of antique spoons from the car, according to the warrant." Kevin is being held in New River Valley Jail in Dublin. He has no bond, and is to be arraigned on Thursday. He has a preliminary hearing on May 5th in Wythe County General District Court. If there's probable cause found, the case will go to the grand jury.

-Briona Snavely

Winston Moseley dies after more than 50 years in prison

    Winston Moseley, 81 died on March 28, in prison, says Fox News. The cause of death has yet been determined. Moseley has been in prison for over 50 years. He is the state's longest-serving inmate. He was put in prison in 1964 for stabbing to death a bar manager by the name of Kitty Genovese. While in prison, he broke out, held people hostage, and raped a woman. He was then captured and put back into prison. He tried for parole 18 different times, but had no luck. In 2013, he spoke out at a parole interview saying, "I know that I did some terrible things, and I've tried very hard to atone for those things in prison. I think almost 50 years of paying for those crimes is enough." He last tried getting parole in 2015 but again was denied.

-Briona Snavely

Galax Double Homicide

Twenty-eight year old Alyssa Kenny, and twenty-one-month old  daughter, Anastasia Alley were found dead Thursday morning at 11:58am, reports WDBJ7.  Galax police department says, "The adult victim was obviously deceased, the infant child was discovered by responding officers." The double homicide is still an ongoing investigation. There has yet to be any justice served for this mother and daughter. The official cause of death is still ongoing. The cause of death will be official when an autopsy can be done by the medical examiner's office. The investigators are waiting for the results from the medical examiner's office and are expecting to get them by Friday afternoon.

-Briona Snavely

Rural Retreat Soccer V.S Marion Soccer

On April 28th, Rural Retreat played Marion for the second time this season. Rural Retreat did play better this game against Marion. During the first half Rural Retreat did hustle, making it hard for Marion to score. Rural Retreat had a player get knocked unconscious and taken to the hospital. This makes his second concussion this season and within the last two months. The final score for the first half was 3-0, with Marion taking the lead. During the second half, Rural Retreat continued to hustle and keep up with Marion very well. The final score for the game was 8-0 with Marion taking the win. Rural Retreat had a player get yellow carded, and even though Rural Retreat didn't win, they stepped up and tried their best. 

-Hannah Addair 

Praying for my Preemie

    "Praying for My Preemie" is a Facebook community page for parents, family, and loved ones of premature babies. It has a new post daily, including things like preemie stories, and polls about preemies' milestones.  The preemie community is a very heartwarming and a helpful place. For many parents, it's very hard to have a preemie baby, but with a community by their side it's a whole lot easier. They are there in the hardest times giving advice, helping one another get through the battle, and most of all, letting each other know they aren't alone. They encourage one another to not give up, they help restore faith in god, and help community members have hope and faith in Him. They make sure that parents are doing well, because sometimes it's harder on the parent than the babies. Being a part of the preemie community means that those families will never be alone.



-Briona Snavely

Linebackers Fall in 2016 NFL Draft

After the first round of the 2016 National Football League Draft came to a close, there were many players that surprisingly were not drafted with one of the top 31 picks. Some were more of a surprise than others, but the fall of top-25 pick worthy linebackers was undeniable. Here is a list of linebackers that fell (ranked in presumed draft order) along with possible explanations:

  1. Myles Jack, ILB, UCLA
    • Jack played a total of eight positions at UCLA, lining up at all three corner positions, both safety positions, both linebacker spots, and running back. He has possibly the biggest upside (maybe second to Ramsey) of all players in the draft. According to, Jack admitted that he may knee micro-fracture knee surgery in the future, and that has scared many teams out of spending a first rounder on him.
    • Pro Comparison: NaVorro Bowman
  2. Noah Spence, OLB, Eastern Kentucky
    • Spence started his collegiate career at Ohio State before leaving due to failed drug tests. This may seem like a red flag but it hardly is anymore. Players like Tyrann Mathieu have overcome addictions in recent years, and according to, Spence has sent copies of his past 20 drug screens to each NFL team. The kid has talent and has matured.  
    • Pro Comparison: Dwight Freeney
  3. Reggie Ragland, ILB, Alabama
    • Ragland was the staple holding together Alabama's top ranked defense. According to, he has totaled 195 tackles in the past two seasons, and some scouts say he could be even better than the aforementioned Myles Jack. Why is he falling? Doctors have found that Ragland has an enlarged aorta.
    • Pro Comparison: Ray Lewis
  4. Jaylon Smith, OLB, Notre Dame
    • Smith was ranked as one of the best outside linebackers in the 2016 draft class loaded with talent on the edge. He was good enough to take home the Butkus Award, and, according to, he led the Irish in tackles for the second straight year. Smith's fall would be ranked higher, but almost everyone saw it coming. During his team's Fiesta Bowl game against Ohio State, Smith tore both his MCL and LCL.
    • Pro Comparison: Aldon Smith
-Isaiah Addair

Not really yours

     I'm not really yours, I belong to no one, and no one and nothing belongs to me. I feel no sadness, I feel no pain, weakness is foreign, but happiness is too. Germany is my home, for now. I learn ten years worth of schooling, memories, and unspoken words in less than 15 minutes. The name I'm called is Sophia, and even that name does not belong to me. I'm subjected to little things, I take care of others.

   "Always give and never take." That's the rule. Sophia is 10 years old and is struggling with cancer near the lungs. She goes to school every day, she loves dancing in the kitchen, and she hates the taste of peanut putter. She is small and frail, yet strong. Sophia is happy, all smiles, and she was also only given five weeks left to live. Her parents do not know that. But the people do. The people are the ones who take care of Sophia every day. The people are over all the rest of them.

    Every bot is given a certain child. For when that child passes away, we take their place. No mother should have to fall at the mercy of pain because of losing a child. It's far too much to handle. When Sophia passed away, they sent me to her home, to live forever. I'm hooked up to a machine, and every memory, laugh, direction, pain, sadness, happiness and bicycle accident is engraved into my bot brain. Now I have the power to feel all of these amazing and tragic things.

    I transform from a bot to a person. Her parents will never, ever know. I have three little siblings now. It feels so good to be loved.

How To: Bacon Chicken Cheese Fries

You will need chicken, bacon, fries, shredded mozzarella and mild cheddar cheeses (however, you can use any cheese of your choice), and ranch. You also need a pan or bowl to put all the ingredients in, then put into the oven.
Bake fries according to packaging.

Season chicken to your preference and bake at 425 degrees
for 25-30 minutes.
Cook bacon and break into bits.

Measurements depend on how much you need. The ingredients pictured will make enough for three.

Place fries in the bottom of your pan. Cover the fries in mozzarella cheese.

Then add your ranch.

Next, add your cut up chicken.

Then add your mild cheddar cheese.

Last, add your bacon bits.

Then place in the oven at 325 degrees for 15 minutes.

Then Enjoy!
-Makayla Kowalski

Russia Competes With Mother Nature

          While we sit here in the U.S. and allow the weather to make and change our plans, Russia has decided not to be pushed around by the weather anymore. With May festivities coming up on the first, Moscow is taking no chances when it comes to bad weather. They have planned to control the weather with what they call "Cloud Seeding." Moscow has been working on this idea for several years and spent more than six million dollars. How does it work? It works by "spraying granulated carbon dioxide, liquid nitrogen, and cement from a special plane," according to This year alone they have spent $1.32 million making sure that the skies stay clear and blue in May. Whether it works or not is yet to be determined. 

-Makayla Kowalski

NFL Draft: Round One

The 2016 NFL Draft is underway, and the Los Angeles Rams are on the clock.
With the first overall pick of the NFL Draft, the Los Angeles Rams select Jared Goff, a quarterback out of Cal.
With the second pick of the NFL Draft, the Philadelphia Eagles select Carson Wentz, a quarterback out of North Dakota State.
With the third pick of the NFL Draft, the San Diego Chargers select Joey Bosa, a defensive end out of THE Ohio State University.
With the fifth pick of the NFL Draft, the Jacksonville Jaguars, Jalen Ramsey, a corner back out of Florida State.
With the tenth pick of the NFL Draft, the New York Giants select Eli Apple, a corner back also out of THE Ohio State University.
With the 15th pick of the NFL Draft, the Cleveland Browns select Corey Coleman, a wide receiver out of Baylor.
With the 20th pick of the NFL Draft, the New York Jets select Darren Lee, an outside linebacker out of, again, THE Ohio State University.
With the 25th pick of the NFL Draft, the Pittsburgh Steelers select Artie Burns, a corner back out of Miami.

-Blake Holmes

Editorial: Dress Code

What is dress code? Dress code is a set of rules, usually written and posted, specifying the required manner of dress at a school, office, club, restaurant, etc. Dress codes are mostly directed toward girls, but why? 

I've been "dress coded" one time in my life, so far. The first "reason" was because my shorts were "too short" and caused a "distraction." A distraction to whom? Boys? Boys should not have the power to affect how a girl can dress.

We are giving boys the wrong idea. Instead of asking girls to cover up, maybe we should be teaching boys to control themselves. Does this mean if a girl is raped or molested, we should blame it on the way she was dressed? No, no we should not. It's unfair, and wrong. It's also wrong and unfair for the boys to go through their lives thinking that they are entitled to something, and then get punished because no one taught them how to control themselves.

If you see a woman's bra strap that does not give you the right to make sexual comments, or attack her. We deserve respect just like a boy deserves respect.

-Cassie Crisp

Poem: You Are The Reason

You Are The Reason

You are the reason,
I totally melt inside.
I pinch myself,
Just knowing that you’re mine.

Through every season,
So many ways you let me know;
There are many reasons;
That you make me glow.

You are the reason,
My heart joyously sings.
Babe, you are;
More than the real reason.

You are my best friend,
My lover, and My life.
You are the reason, 
My life feels so right for once.

-Anna Wright

Review: Kiss Anime

If you like anime, you would love Kiss Anime. Kiss Anime has every anime anyone loves or likes. It has Dub and Sub, either one you prefer. If they don’t have the anime you want, you can request it and they will upload it right away for you. You can also read Manga. So if you like or love anime, I highly suggest Kiss

6 Easy Beauty Tips and Tricks

1. You can use the baking method to make your contour sharper: first, you apply lose powder where you're making the contour, and then let it sit for about 2 mins. Then apply your makeup on top to get a more defined line.

2. Add baby powder to your products that are running low.

3. Use a strip of tape to make your winged eyeliner more defined.

4. Use color-correcting products to erase any blemishes.

5. Apply baking soda to make your teeth whiter.

6. Baby powder can also make your hair less greasy.

-Cassie Crisp

Miley Cyrus: From Child Actor to Insanity and Back

        Miley Cyrus was 11 years old when she first became a big star. Her fame first came from acting and singing as the star of  Disney's Hannah Montana.  Miley's contract for the show expired when she was 19.

      Up to that point, so many young kids looked up to Miley. She was a good leader. However, Miley was tired of always being the good girl, with strictly clean music and class. In 2013, Miley released a song called "Wrecking Ball," complete with its highly controversial music video. That's when Miley broke free.

      Swinging on a ball and licking a hammer, Miley was breaking all the rules she had ever set for herself. She was engaged to Liam Hemsworth, but after a year they broke it off due to Miley's crazy lifestyle. Now they're back together and Miley seems to be cooling it down.

-Cassie Crisp

Op-Ed-- United States Bathroom Wars: The Nonexistent Predator


For as long as anyone can remember, gender roles have always been a part of everyday society. No matter where you go, no matter what you do, you are always exposed to and influenced by gender roles. From something as little as children's toys, to as big as occupations-- but lately the United States has been bickering about something even more irrelevant than pink for girls and blue for boys. Which bathroom should one use? As you walk to the restroom, there are somewhat clear signs for the identifying gender facilities: the women's is identified by a triangular dress and the men's is identified by a pair of pants. The transgender community has spoken out about the discrimination that has arisen with this bathroom situation. North Carolina and Mississippi, among other states, are banning transgenders from using the bathroom that aligns with their gender identity. Many people have spoken out about this issue, and it has swept the country, affecting the presidential campaigns as well. Many concerns have arisen with the anti-trans community, including "fake transgender people," who pose as a transgender woman and come into women's bathrooms to assault the daughters and wives using the facility. I personally think this is yet another excuse to make a group of people singled out because they are different. We have done this for so many past generations, and have promised to never do it again- but here we are, going back on our words, and making a group of people feel abnormal after finally being able to feel comfortable in their own skin. These absurd laws should be dropped and we should worry about something a bit more important than which bathroom someone is allowed to use. Stopping the hundreds of thousands of people trying to kill off the United States should be recognized as a little more relevant. 
~Kara Wingo 

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Dog helps save family in fire

      On Monday evening a fire broke loose in Longwood, Florida at the Feaser home. According to NBC, a dog by the name of Maxx helped save a 2-year old boy and a 4-year old boy. The dog helped the firefighters navigate through the home and find the two boys and their parents. Neighbors who saw the fire called 911 immediately. When firefighters began trying to find and rescue the family, they were glad Maxx was there to help.
     The family was hospitalized and their conditions are serious, and critical in some cases. Maxx was also treated for smoke inhalation and is doing well. The family is getting a lot of support from the community, and $11,000 have been raised to help the family's expenses.

-Josh Wynn

A Map to Zika

According to CNN, NASA has created a map of where the Zika virus is most likely to spread. It shows a variety of cities and shows how bad it could possibly get by using colors such as gray (no risk), yellow (low), orange (moderate), and red (high). This virus is spread a certain breed of mosquito called the Aedes aegypti; it is known for infecting males and females. The virus has caused birth defects and miscarriages for many women that have been infected with this virus. As the map was being made, they included so many different factors that can effect its spread, such as travel, rainfall, and temperatures. When it starts to get colder, the virus will slowly fade out of some of the states. The cities that are at highest risk are Miami, Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, and Tallahassee, all in Florida; Savannah, Georgia; Charleston, South Carolina; Mobile, Alabama; and New Orleans, Louisiana. The cities with moderate risk are New York, Philadelphia, Washington, Kansas City, Oklahoma City, and Houston.

-Destinee Testerman