Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Top Five Underrated Football Players of All Time

5.) Jake Plummer
-A QB drafted by Arizona in 1997, he led the mediocre Cardinals team to it's first postseason win since 1947. Years later in Denver, Plummer played well enough to take the Denver Broncos to playoffs in three seasons, one time coming within a game of the Super Bowl. Many quarterbacks do that, obviously, but that's something that even Peyton Manning hasn't done at Mile High. Oh wait, it's an NFL rule not to point out when a Manning loses.

4.) Roger Craig
-Though Craig is now a Hall of Fame nominee, this nomination is long overdue. Playing in San Francisco, he was overshadowed by the likes of Montana, Rice, and Dwight Clark, but Roger Craig was the first halfback in the NFL to ever record both 1,000 passing yards and 1,000 receiving yards in the same seasons. Coach Walsh would commonly call for plays to pass the ball to Craig in the flats instead of making him run through the trenches. They called Walsh the "Genius" for a reason; he drafted Roger Craig!

3.) Randall Cunningham
-Cunningham could easily make this list at #2 if the Vikings' former kicker Gary Anderson made the last second field goal to propel Minnesota past Atlanta. Randall Cunningham is arguably the best triple-threat QB ever, having recorded a 91-yard punt during his career. As an Eagle, he would evade tacklers then have the skill to be able to run or throw the ball. He was unstoppable, plain and simple. Like Mike in an Eagles uniform? You'd love Randall.

2.) Kurt Warner
- Going undrafted in 1994 and then bagging groceries for a living for years after that, Warner got a shot as a backup in 1998 with the Rams of St. Louis. A year later starter Trent Green went down with a knee injury during preseason so Warner stepped up only to lead the priorly inept team to a Super Bowl XXXIV win over Tennessee. Not enough to make the list? Kurtis Eugene Warner once started over Eli Manning, and every year #13 played in all 16 regular season games his team went to the Super Bowl.

1.) Norman "Wildman" Willey
- Wildman Willey, in 1952 for Philadelphia, was said to have recorded what would have been a record 17 sacks in a single game. Because of the date of the game, there is no proof on film, and the official statistic keeper said Willey only had sacked the opposing QB eight times, which if sacks were counted then, it would still be a record. On the subject, Wildman Willey could not understand the logic of the stat-keeper saying the opposing QB had thrown away the ball, stating that he still had it in his possession as he tackled him. This man defines #beastmode.

-Isaiah Addair

Assassin's Creed IV Sails

October 29th marked the release of the newest installment into the Assassin’s Creed franchise: Assassin’s Creed IV. Assassin’s Creed IV (AC4) stars Edward Kenway, grandfather to Connor Kenway, the protagonist of AC3. You play as Edward during "The Golden Age of Piracy," with Blackbeard and the sort, as you try to make a living being a pirate.

The story is as follows: Edward becomes a privateer to provide for himself and his wife; she leaves him; he leaves for the Caribbean and becomes one of the founders of Nassau. Nassau becomes a pirate headquarters created by Edward Kenway, Benjamin Hornigold, Edward Thatch (Blackbeard), and James Kidd. As time goes on, Nassau starts to fall apart, with tensions rising between the founders and disease killing the inhabitants; all the while Edward is still trying to get rich. This is as basic as the plot goes, but the story of the game is very interesting and immersive, revealing a lot about how pirates actually behaved.

The gameplay is really where the game shines, as it has two different forms. The first of these forms is on land, where the usual Assassin’s Creed rules apply, with an upgraded (and easier to manage) weapon system. The second isn’t on land, but at sea. As the player, you pilot your ship, the Jackdaw, across the Caribbean, where you can overtake other ships, dive at ship wrecks, and discover new locations. You can also overtake naval forts so you can, theoretically, rule the seas. Both sets of gameplay are fluid, and go together perfectly. When you overtake ships, you must engage in a naval battle with them. When they get to a low enough health, you must board the ship and take it over.

There are a few different options for what you can do with a ship after you board it. You can either repair your ship, the Jackdaw, send the ship to Kenway’s Fleet (a feature that was a bit confusing to me, so I’m leaving it out of this review), or lower your wanted level. Lowering your wanted level is very crucial, as other ships called “hunters” will start hunting you down (as the name implies). The higher your wanted level, the more hunters will start tracking you down.

Although this is one of my new favorite games, it does come with a fair share of downfalls. This includes repetitive missions, glitches, frustrating stealth, very sensitive enemies (detecting you easier), and very angering boat climbing. Now, they do offer many different solutions to the stealth and enemies, with frequent hiding areas in every main mission area. I can’t speak about the multiplayer, i.e. whether it is bad or good, as I have not played it yet.

But even with all the previously stated downfalls, this is still a great game that should be seen as an improvement from the previous installment of AC3. Most AC fans should enjoy the game, if not for the story, for the gameplay. Very fun, very fast-paced; this game is one of my favorites. I can’t wait to see what developer Ubisoft will do with the next installment.

-Kevin Brown

Should the NBA be worried?

The NBA world has been shocked this year as many primetime teams from last year are going down to records under 0.500. According to ESPN, teams like the Los Angeles Lakers (5-7), the Brooklyn Nets (3-6), and the New York Knicks (3-6) are the biggest surprises this year. Each of these teams were huge teams in the playoffs last year. The Denver Nuggets (4-5), the Memphis Grizzlies (5-5), and the Boston Celtics (4-7) are also three shocking teams struggling this season. The Lakers are coming off of a season that they barely squeaked into the playoffs, only to be beaten by the San Antonio Spurs (9-1) in six games. The Nets were the opposite, as they were the number three seed in the Eastern Conference, but got upset by the Chicago Bulls (5-3), the number six seed, in seven games. The Knicks are an even bigger shock, as they made it to the second round of the playoffs last year; the Pacers (9-1) put a stop to that, and beat them in seven games. The Nuggets are coming off of their most winning season ever, with 57 wins. This is not a big accomplishment, as they were beaten in the first round by the Golden State Warriors (7-3). The Grizzlies made it to the second round, to be beaten by the Oklahoma City Thunder. The Celtics were not the most successful team last year, but no one expected them to be as bad as they are, considering they made the playoffs as a number seven seed. The biggest shock of all of them, the Charlotte Bobcats are 5-5 and in the playoffs! 


This team, notorious for being one of the worst teams in the NBA, owned by the great Michael Jordan, and the closest team to our area, in now in the playoffs. Keep in mind that the Bobcats have never been in the playoffs. These are some examples of surprises at the 10-game mark. Is this the downfall of most well-known teams in the NBA, or a new age of teams to rush into the playoffs? Will a team like Charlotte win the NBA Finals? You will just have to watch and find out!

-Blake Holmes

Cross-Country State Championship

The cross country team competed for a state championship on Saturday, November 16. The boys' cross country runners were Dylan Crigger, Matthew Farmer, Brian Crockett, Jacob Wynn, Ty Boyd, Trey Boyd, and Cameron Bear. Leading the team to a 10th place finish was Matthew Farmer, who ran a 16:13 (3.2 miles), and got 2nd place. The rest of the boys fell slightly behind, with times of 18:31 and 21:00 minutes. Competing for the Cross Country girls’ team was Haley Huffard, who ran a time of 25:27.

The boys’ team wore new orange jerseys for the occasion. It was a reminder of our school spirit, and was a good way for seniors Matthew Farmer and Brian Crockett to finish off the year. The team also visited the mall and Buffalo Wild Wings. The boys’ team and Huffard represented Rural Retreat well with such great times at the state championship.

The cross country team had an excellent season this year. This year was the first time in Rural Retreat cross country history that the team made it to the state tournament. The team is excited for next year and expects yet another great year.

-Dylan Crigger and Jacob Wynn

Eagles in First

On Sunday the Eagles, with a 5, 5 win-loss record took another big win; not only did they win another game, but they are now first in their division. According to the Daily News, the Eagles beat the Redskins 24 to 16 to put the Redskins to a 3,7 record and in last place. The Eagles also took the first-place spot from the Cowboys, who held the spot for three weeks. The only reason the Eagles really took it from the Cowboys was because they had a bye week. But still, a win is a win, and Coach Kelly, in his first year as Eagles head coach, must be really happy about the Eagles and their performance this year. So . . . how 'bout them Eagles?

-David Pierce

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Rural Retreat Hands George Wythe Another Win

Friday, November 8th, Rural Retreat faced George Wythe @ George Wythe. It was George Wythe’s senior night, and also the last game of the season. George Wythe scored the first touchdown five minutes into the first quarter, and scored the extra point. Rural Retreat gained the ball, and on a long pass, George Wythe intercepted the ball at about midfield. George Wythe then had a long run that got another touchdown. They scored the extra point, and there were only six minutes left in the quarter. The Indians got the return at the 37-yard line. Unable to move the ball, the Indians lost possession with no change of score. One of the players on George Wythe’s team was hurt during a play, and had to leave the field in the ambulance. The quarter then ended with a score of 14 to 0, George Wythe in the lead.

In the second quarter, George Wythe ran down the field, coming close to the end zone. They then made a touchdown only two minutes into the quarter, and this time got a two-point conversion. Rural Retreat fumbled the ball on the return, and George Wythe was given yet another chance to score. They got another touchdown, and no extra point. Rural Retreat received the ball, and fought to reach midfield. They later reached the line of scrimmage. They called a time out, and afterwards scored a touchdown and a two-point conversion with only two minutes left in the quarter. With the Indians finally on the board, George Wythe pulled out a 50-yard touchdown. The quarter ended with the score 35 to 8, George Wythe in the lead.

Nolan Ryan received the ball in the beginning of the third quarter. The Indians were unable to push the ball further towards the first down, and George Wythe got the ball. The Maroons had yet another touchdown, and scored an extra point. Rural Retreat got the ball, and Jordan Corvin ran a long touchdown. The Indians tried to score a two-point conversion, but was held back by George Wythe. George Wythe got the ball again, and ran a 50-yard touchdown with the extra point. Only four minutes remained when Rural Retreat got the ball, and they had just reached midfield when the quarter ended. The score was 49 to 14, with the Indians left behind.

The final quarter was quiet, even for the Maroons, who practically scored a touchdown anytime they got possession of the ball. Both teams worked strenuously for any last attempts to change the score. The Indians scored their final touchdown and a two-point conversion, boosting their score up to 22. However, in the final seconds of the game, George Wythe scored the last touchdown with a good run down the field. The last quarter ended with a final score of 55 to 22, with George Wythe stealing a victory well-deserved by Rural Retreat.

-Dylan Crigger and Anna Brown

Book Review: Si-cology


If you are looking for something new to read, I have the perfect book for you: Si-cology, which chronicles the life of Duck Dynasty star Si Robertson. One thing that we all know from Duck Dynasty is that Si is a great storyteller. Whether his stories are true or not, we still get a great laugh from them. Another thing about this book is that it will be real. By real, I mean from Si’s point of view. This book will be family oriented, and this book will be centered around God. So, hey, if you are looking for a new book, pick up a copy of Si-cology.

- Jacob Wynn

Florida State Wins Big

According to CBS Sports, the #2-ranked Florida State Seminoles crushed ACC rival Wake Forest 59-3. It wasn't Heisman favorite Jameis Winston who led the Seminoles to a major victory; it was his defense. The Seminoles' defense tied a school record of six interceptions.

The Seminoles have been dominant this year. They are undefeated. In fact, no team has held them under 41 points! If Florida State makes it to the BCS National Championship, I think that they have a great shot at winning. The Seminoles have not won a national championship since 1999. 2013 may just be their year!

-Jacob Wynn

Simple Things to Make Your Life Happier

• Smile often

• Live in joy

• Treat others the way you want to be treated

• Say please and thank you

• Count your blessings

• Be active

• Think before you speak

• Don't give in to peer pressure

• Spend time with friends and family

• Be a hard worker

• Love your life

-Jacob Wynn

Literary Spotlight: Appalachian Studies Class Writes "Where I'm From" Poetry

Inspired by George Ella Lyon's famous poem, "Where I'm From," Mrs. Hilary Newby's Appalachian Studies class wrote their own versions.  Check them out!

Lindsey Henley

I’m from the swag-wagon
dented and dusty from back roads
and deer attacks
I’m from Mason Jars of sun tea, can sugar, and wine
I’m from the black stained hands of walnut trap dye
(musky, earthy, rusty from unpaid attention)
I’m from grandma’s carnival glass, a pie safe from Wytheville, stained from Thanksgiving,
rich with food and family

I’m from butt-whoopins for a repeated overheard word from the kids
at the back of the bus.
Pappy’s pone bread broke at Sunday morning breakfast
Late Saturday nights with friends
lit by the bonfire
Cast iron skillets and “patience is gravy”
I’m from the dirty duck pond and frog gigs
from “is supper done yet?”
brothers and sisters and old man stained into my skin for life
from looks that carry more words than tongues

I’m from that haunted mansion and
a root cellar where daddy stores that special occasion fire water
from “I miss Momma” and silent tears
that I see when I bed-check before I sleep
from the fire pit in the yard that dad built because
“I’m a fire bug”
Outside my kitchen window there is that
big ole butterfly bush and beyond are those
true blue mountains I know
I will never leave

Kelleigh Hyler

I am from the smell of linen running off the clothes line
I am from children in the front yard
I am from family playing games
I am from my favorite tire swing
I am from the comforting hand of my dad
when my mom was never there
I am from a dark wooden stair case
I am from family cookouts
I am from apple butter and biscuits
I am from the Word of God and the perfect Pentecostal Church
I am from my father’s singing in the choir
I am from my beautiful grandmother who will always be in my heart
I am from holding potatoes over the swell of a woodstove
I am from a gorgeous little town
I am from a place where everybody knows everybody
I am from a place where “blood is thicker than water” and “ya get what ya get and ya don’t throw a fit!”

Tevin Anderson

I’m from waking up early on Sunday mornings,
eating breakfast at noon
I’m from laughing and eating the good country cooking,
with my cousins and aunts, starting a good day
I’m from playing out in the yard, tossing football with my dad and Travis
Having fun with my family and enjoying my life
Running around the house, hearing my aunt say,
“Stop running around like a chicken with its head cut off!”
I’m from going to the park and walking on the trail,
walking with my dad
Picking up rocks and sticks on the way
from grilling out on warm nights, eating the delicious grilled food
Playing on my four-wheeler
rolling around in the yard
Having fun with my family and loving them all

Blake Holmes

I’m from throwing baseball in an empty field
a crab-apple tree and apartments down the street
I’m from the red wagon, the old evergreen
and the old bush that never actually grows
I’m from a tractor store, visiting the Vaught’s house, and watching weekend movies
at the drive-in
I’m from Zak’s bullying, even though it is not real and
going to see Grandpa every Sunday
I’m from “If if’s and but’s were candy and nuts, we’d all have a Merry Christmas,”
and “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want, He makes me lie down in green pastures.”
I’m from visiting my cousins in Virginia Beach, Winston-Salem and Nashville for our yearly visits
and from going to Holden Beach every summer

Katie Hackler

I’m from kittens and canines
memories and madness
I’m from a creek in the woods
and animal death sadness
I’m from a city full of great memories
I care about dearly
I’m from Mom, Dad, Jake, and Molly
who are all so close
oh so very clearly.
I’m from the beach with mom
yelling “quit eating the sand!”
So I’d fuss and fight as my belly would expand

Maddie Akers

I am from the soft sound of hooves hitting the earth
from the hairs that run and jump in the yard.
I am from dark red mud that covers the ground
and my boots.
I am from a backporch swing, from Memaw’s soft voice.
Telling me “you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar…now shooo!”
I am from dad’s roaring voice yelling: “Don’t give up. Just get back on.”
From a hard turn of the last barrel.
I am from bare feet running the yard. The fresh cut grass under my feet.
I am from long rides through the field and down through the thickets.
From an old road in an old town.
I am from old shoe boxes in the basement—full of my childhood, from the crack in my mom’s favorite lamp.
I am from an old barn in the middle of a grown-up field,
from the gentle touch of a forgetting Paw.

Cade Rouse

I am from the pop of a bow target
in the summer heat
I’m from fresh deer meat hanging in the barn
and Momma hollering get out of the creek
From a place full of mountains and fields
creek bottoms to hollers full of memories
Memories of hunting and fishing all day long
working in the garden to splitting wood
To Friday night football
And college game day
Uncle Dean’s goober
to Mawmaw’s helper
and grandma’s big boy
I am from a place where hunting and camouflage is a way of life…
to helping neighbors get through life
These memories of life are here to stay
for they will never let me stray
for where I’m from:
Mountains and hollers, I’m here to stay.

Amanda Primm

I am from the cool water of the
pool, and the heat of the trampoline
in the summer.
I am from going home to see
my wonderful family, and having a
good dinner awaiting us.
I am from a big house with an even
bigger story.
I am from a warm place filled
with respect and happiness.
I am from waking up in the
mornings from the rays of the sun
in my face.
I am from watching TV in the family room
and enjoying family time.
I am from going to school 5
days a week and enjoying school.
I am from going to football
games on Thursday and Friday nights.
I am from a place I call home.

Tiffany Church

I’m from the front porch,
watching the seasons go by.
To the living room filled with laugher and cries.
I’m from my dad’s chair,
where no one sits unless he’s not there.
I’m from the grandfather clock,
ticking away the hours.
To candy at Halloween, sweet and sour.
I’m from dirt roads,
dusty like fog.
To the sound far away
of a barking dog.
I’m from the creek on a hot summer day,
where the children laugh and play.
I’m from my mom and dad
who correct when I’ve done bad,
But love me still, like the love they have.

Breanna Chandler

I am from chickens crowing at the morning sun.
I am from the big tall oak and rope swing,
from horseshoe pits
I am from targets and guns
I am from cowboy boots,
from bows and arrows
I am from warm blankets on a crisp winter day,
from the sizzle of a frying pan.
I am from an open family,
from “hush up” and “sit down”
I am from Friday night football and cheering fans
I am from the woods
from dirt and changing leaves
I am from a small-town market
I am from the playground and stables,
from Grandma’s voice calling from the kitchen
I am from home cooked meals and knitted sweaters
I am from close friends
from pinkie promises
I am from a shoe box full of memories
I am from heartaches and happiness.

Emily Cook

I am from love and kindness filling the home with warmth.
I am from tiny golden puppies and a wooden
swing set built from scratch.
I’m from yellow daisies shining their faces in
the early morning sun.
I am from the ancient dirt road and the
forest full of life.
I’m from a sparkling flame in a cast iron stove.
I am from old war coats hung with pride.
I’m from early morning rising and farming in the field.
I am from sweet words from my Grandfather after a long day at school.
I’m from the smell of fresh baked pumpkin
on a fall afternoon and campfire cooking.
I am from burnt marshmallows and crawdad fishing.
I am from the roots of Appalachia.

Jessica Venters

I am from poker cards,
smelling of change.
I am from smoke-stained walls,
above the burning wood stove
And family pictures full of smiles.
I’m from big, green watermelons
sitting in the garden.
I’m from cold, trickling creeks
And little, black horse statues.
I am from old, noisy barns
And painted horses playing in the fields.
I’m from long paths up the mountain.
I am from Daddy’s gravy and biscuits
and Momma’s humming to solitaire.
I’m from rose gardens,
dedicated to family memories.
I’m from constant reminders to get coffee
and early morning wake-ups.
I am from the preacher’s often prayer requests,
in the old carpeted church pews.

Garrett Wright

I am from a rural retreat…literally.
I’m Virginia-born, Virginia-raised.
I am from the land of Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson and others.
I am from rodeos and tractor pulls.
I am from bluegrass and country music, hearing it all night long.
I am from Friday night football and Saturday night racing
I am from relaxing after the work is done, not on the job.
I am from good country cooking and not being afraid to get my hands dirty,
I am from coon dog barking and cricket chirping
I am from hunting and fishing for food.
I am from the crack of a rifle and the shwack of an arrow
I am from the sound of a diesel engine
I am from sweet tea drinkin’ and front porch swingin’
I am from getting sick and taking awful medicine
I am from “Hey, Jack”
I am from turkey calling and winning prizes
I am from golf ball hitting
I am from deer skinning
I am from people calling me “hillbilly” but I say
“shut your mouth.”
I am from the good ole South

Stanford Shocks the World

The Oregon Ducks went down last night in a late-game thriller to the Stanford Cardinal, 26-20, a loss that shocked the NCAA football nation. Oregon was the #3 football team in the nation, and was a huge contender for the BCS National Championship, which will be played in January. Stanford was ranked #5 in the nation, as this monumental upset changes the entire thinking of the BCS National Championship. According to ESPN, the first time the ball crossed the goal line for a touchdown was in the first quarter for Stanford, on a two-yard run by Tyler Gaffney. Stanford then struck again in the second quarter as Kevin Hogan found paydirt on an eleven-yard run to the house. The next score also went to Stanford, on a 19-yard field goal as time expired in the first half. 


Field goal #2 came in the third quarter for Stanford, as this one was 34 yards. Stanford led at this point, 20-0. Jordan Williamson struck again as he kicked another field goal in for Stanford, this time from 26 yards. It was his MVP night as he kicked another field goal, this time from 30 yards. Stanford led, 26-0. Oregon scored for the first time as Heisman hopeful Marcus Mariota threw a 23-yard pass to Daryle Hawkins to make it 26-7. Stanford tried for their fifth field goal, but it was blocked by Rodney Hardrick, and taken 65 yards for the score. The final touchdown of the game came from the Ducks, as Mariota struck again, this time on a 12-yard pass to Pharaoh Brown. The upset was complete, as the Stanford Cardinal beat the Oregon Ducks.

-Blake Holmes

Country Music Awards 2013

Awards Presented
  • Single of the Year: Florida Georgia Line for "Cruise"
  • Song of the Year: Jessie Alexander, Connie Harrington and Jimmy Yeary for "I Drive Your Truck"
  • Vocal Duo of the Year: Florida Georgia Line for "Around Here"
  • Musician of the Year: Mac McAnally
  • New Artist of the Year: Kacey Musgraves
  • Music Video of the Year: "Highway Don’t Care" by Tim McGraw
  • Album of the Year: Blake Shelton for Based on a True Story
  • Pinnacle Award: Taylor Swift
  • Vocal Group of the Year: Little Big Town
  • Female Vocalist of the Year: Miranda Lambert
  • Male Vocalist of the Year: Blake Shelton
  • Entertainer of the Year: George Strait

The predominant performances of the night were:

  • Luke Bryan and Florida Georgia Line- a medley of "My Kinda Night" and "Cruise"
  • Little Big Town- "Sober"
  • Keith Urban and Miranda Lambert- "We Were Us"
  • Taylor Swift, Alison Kraus and Vince Gill- a stripped-down version of "Red"
  • Eric Church- "The Outsiders"
  • Alan Jackson and George Strait- "He Stopped Loving Her Today"
  • Zack Brown Band and Dave Grohl- "Day Of The Dead"
  • Rascal Flatts, Jennifer Nettles and Darius Rucker- tribute to Kenny Rogers
  • Luke Bryan- "Drink A Beer," a tribute song for his brother and sister

-Jessie Ritz

Batman: Arkham Series is Back!


The Batman Arkham series is back, with what should be another blockbuster game! Batman Arkham Origins is the third video game in the Batman Arkham series, and it was released on October 25th. According to GameTrailers.comBatman Arkham Origins is the prequel to Batman Arkham Asylum, and Batman Arkham City. Arkham Origins will show players how Bruce Wayne becomes Batman, and it introduces them to Batman's soon-to-be “supervillains.”

I am extremely excited about this game, and hope to play it soon. If you have not played any of the Batman Arkham games, you definitely should! Batman Arkham Origins has received lots of good reviews, and I hope to give it another great review.

-Jacob Wynn

Taking Time for Gratitude

What are you going to be thankful for this month? Thanksgiving is right around the corner. That means that family time is right around the corner! I encourage you to spend time with your family this month. Be sure to tell your family that you love them, and that you are thankful for all that they have sacrificed for you. Your family should be one of the most important things in your life, so enjoy spending good and quality time with them this holiday! Secondly, enjoy great food this holiday season. I know I will! Last, and most importantly, say a prayer this Thanksgiving, and thank God for all the blessings that he has blessed you with! In conclusion, I encourage you to think about all the blessings in your life, tell all those around you that you love them, and enjoy this great Holiday season!

-Jacob Wynn

Call of Duty: Ghosts Released

The video game world was rocked as the next edition of Call of Duty (COD) was released at midnight Tuesday morning. The preordered edition gave players two new attachments to the blockbuster game, including a bonus map, and the mask of the iconic character “Ghost,” from Modern Warfare 2. These two additions are available for use in multiplayer mode. There are a few controls that are very different from the other editions. First, instead of diving on COD: Black Ops, you slide, making it much easier to dodge bullets on this new game. The Combat Knife, used in Black Ops 2, is now a primary weapon, so players can only use knives as a way of surviving. There is a new feature in the game not used in any of the others: Field Orders. When a certain character is killed in a multiplayer match, he drops a briefcase. If you pick it up, it says for you to complete a certain goal. If you do complete that goal, then you receive a care package, a crate with something helpful in it airdropped from a helicopter. There are two new game modes in Call of Duty Ghosts, Extinction and Squads. Squad is a game where you meet up with friends or computer-controlled players (bots) and play against the world or bots on the other team. The game play is very similar to multiplayer, as this is the main way for people without Xbox Live or Playstation Network. Extinction is like Zombies for the new game, except the zombies are now aliens taking over the earth, and it’s the player's job to stop them. The point of the game is to put a drill inside the alien nests and destroy them. Sounds easy, right? Dead wrong. Players do this while fighting off these little demon creatures.


As you can see, this game is one that will be on top for a very long time. I have only released some of the new features, as the game is so full of them. If you want to find out more, buy the game and find out. Happy Gaming!

- Blake Holmes

John Force Wins 16th NHRA Championship

John Force won his 16th NHRA championship on Sunday. His first NHRA championship was back in 1990. This wasn’t an easy win for the 64 year-old: Force had to beat his 25 year-old daughter, Courtney Force. It was a close race, but John won. His car ran 4.062 seconds at 310.63 mph. Courtney ran 4.085 seconds at 319.22 mph. What a close race! This win for Force marks his 10th championship for Ford and 75th race victory for his Mustang. In an interview with Damon Lowney for, Force says, "I don't like seeing those 'Sweet 16' signs the fans are showing me now. I'm not quitting. I love it out here and I'll be back next year going for 17."

-David Pierce