Monday, November 25, 2013

Jim Morrison Tribute Confirmed

The time to hesitate is through, no time to wallow in the mire.

These lyrics come from "Light my Fire," a song written by legendary rock band The Doors. On December 8, what would have been singer Jim Morrison’s 70th birthday had he not "broke on through to the other side" on July 3, 1971, Doors fans are going to Paris (the city in which he died) to pay tribute to the Lizard King via reading his poetry.

But who is Jim Morrison and what are The Doors? The Doors were a prominent psychedelic rock band of the mid-late 60’s, with many hits such as "Light My Fire," "Hello, I Love You," "People Are Strange," and "The End." Unlike other rock bands of the time, there was no bassist in the band; instead they used keyboardist Ray Manzarek to play two keyboards at the same time. The band primarily relied on the work of the keyboards for their signature sound, similar to contemporaries Iron Butterfly and Vanilla Fudge.

Unfortunately, over-success caught up to them, and Jim Morrison, the lead singer, went to Paris to get away from it all, where he overdosed to death at 27, like Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin a few months earlier. The band managed to release two more albums, but got much backslash since fans were far more interested in the philosophy (and looks) of Jim Morrison.

The legacy of the Doors still lives on, even though only two members are alive to this day (Ray Manzarek recently died in May 2013). Drummer John Densmore and guitarist Robby Krieger still do tours and recently made up their feud since Manzarek’s death. And in July, an extinct lizard was discovered and named after, well, the Lizard King himself! It’s not every year there’s a species named after a classic rock band (okay, a few years ago, there was a loach named after Led Zeppelin, but this is a Doors article).

-Catherine Cober

Sophomore/Senior Barter Theatre Trip

Last Tuesday, the sophomore and senior classes went to the Barter Theatre in Abingdon, Virginia. They saw Kiss Me, Kate, a play about two ex-lovers performing a musical rehash of Shakespeare’s play, The Taming of the Shrew, about a young woman being charmed by three men.  The downside for those men is that, in order to marry her, her older sister, a man-hating shrew named Catherine, must be married first.

Kiss Me, Kate debuted in theaters in 1948, the same time it made its big appearance in Hollywood. Fun fact: The Barter Theatre was built in the 1930s, making it a classic building of Virginia. In Kiss Me, Kate, the play shows many 1940s contemporaries (i.e. fedora-clad gangsters and jazz everywhere you listen).

The reason Kiss Me, Kate was seen by these classes is its relation to Shakespeare's work, of which we all know the English teachers are fans.  (If you didn't know, Mrs. Patrick even has a hang-up life-size picture of him on her classroom's closet door.)

-Catherine Cober

A Weird Week in the NFL

As I was watching Sunday’s NFL games, I realized the rare oddities that seemed to occur. Starting on the East Coast in Cincinnati, the Bengals blocked two of the Browns' punts.  With blocked punts already being a rarity in most cases in the NFL, the second block by Cinci was even more significant because the guy with the recovery TD had just been promoted from the practice squad. Moving further south to Jacksonville, the Arizona Cardinals’ tailback Andre Ellington, who seems to always be in the news, ran into a horde of Jaguars on one run play in which DE Jason Babin walked away with a few locks of Ellington’s dreads. 

Source: Twitter

Meanwhile, in the Midwest, the Ravens-Bears duel at Soldier Field was delayed due to tornado warnings and winds to match, resulting in a 3 1/2-hour first half. In the end at Soldier Field, the Bears won behind the modern-era Shane Falco, Josh McCown, and Ravens’ GM Ozzie Newsome was taken to the hospital on an ambulance.

Until next time, good luck to these players. Get well soon Newsome, and congratulations on getting your hair back, Andre!

-Isaiah Addair

More Protection for the $60 Million Men?

According to the Associated Press, the NFL is considering expanding the protection rules of their QBs to avoid some injuries. Of the 30 teams playing this Sunday, nine of these teams are without their own starting QB; even the St. Louis Rams, who are on a bye week (not included in the aforementioned nine), are missing their starter due to a torn ACL. Many football fans are probably saying, “Most of those injuries are from James Harrison and Donte Hitner hitting illegally!” Well, they are simply wrong and we should question their football knowledge. Most, if not all, of these injuries have been clean hits by the defense, yet the opposing quarterback is getting crushed. Green Bay’s Rodgers is out with a partially broken collarbone, the Rams’ Bradford is out with his ACL. Furthermore, the leading team of each division, save the Eagles, still have the lead dog.

-Isaiah Addair

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Indians Lose to Northwood

The Rural Retreat Indians went down to the Northwood Panthers on Senior Night 28-6, but the Indians gave a good effort. Chase Heldreth did well, but there were a lot of fumbles on the receiving and rushing end. It was very even until the fourth quarter, as the Northwood Panthers jumped out by fifteen, and the Indians brought in Wyatt Sowers. It was a sad sight for Sowers as his first pass was picked off, and taken about 55 yards to paydirt, to push the lead to 22. This was the final score as neither team scored again. The Indians have to play the George Wythe Maroons at Wytheville this week, a game that everyone is looking for, including me, to settle the rivalry for the year.

-Blake Holmes

All Along the Watchtower

When one thinks of the 60’s, there’s a good chance one thinks of Jimi Hendrix. But who is Jimi Hendrix?

Jimi Hendrix is one of the most famous psychedelic artists of the 60’s. Some of his most famous songs are covers ("All Along the Watchtower" is originally written by folk rock artist Bob Dylan). "Hey Joe" is also a famous cover. His guitar works feature many innovative techniques (i.e. wa-wa peddle and using teeth on guitar) No, he didn't use a violin bow; that was Jimmy Page. Unlike most famous rockers, Jimi Hendrix was mixed race. Due to his fame in the rock community, many black musicians went out into the music scene, thanks to him.

Jimi Hendrix was also well-known friends with many musicians. Some think that Hendrix and Eric Clapton (guitarist of Cream) hated each other, but they were good friends (Hendrix even covered "Sunshine of Your Love"). Hendrix was made famous and signed onto a record company by British band The Who. Jimi was also a Beatles fan and said "They’re the one group you can’t put down." And some think of a rivalry between Hendrix and Jimmy Page, but that isn't true either! John Bonham (Jimmy Page’s drummer for Led Zeppelin) was even complimented by Hendrix himself! On one of Jimi’s posthumous albums, "Bleeding Heart" has guest vocals from Doors front man Jim Morrison.

And this November, according to Reuters, PBS is releasing "Hear my Train a Comin," a new Jimi Hendrix documentary, which is coincidental, because Jimi’s birth month is November. The document depicts more hidden gems of his legacy (his afro is a legacy too!).

-Catherine Cober

46 Conference Drama Competition

The high schools of Galax and Patrick Henry are moving on to Regionals! The annual high school drama competition, the first 46 Conference competition since the realignment, was held on Saturday, November 2, 2013. The plays being performed were “The Drift” by Chilhowie High School, “The Anthem” by Galax High School, “10 Ways to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse” by George Wythe High School, “School Spirit” by Rural Retreat High School, and “How to Succeed in High School Without Really Trying” by Patrick Henry High School.

Winning first place was Galax with the runner-up being Patrick Henry. Most spectators were amazed, however. Though all schools performed very well, the common prediction was George Wythe placing over Galax. The students watching seemed to struggle with understanding the storyline of this school’s play, while George Wythe’s and Patrick Henry’s were very obvious and drew many laughs. The placing went as follows:

1. Galax- “The Anthem”

2. Patrick Henry- “How to Succeed in High School Without Really Trying”

3. George Wythe- “10 Ways to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse”

4. Chilhowie- “The Drift”

5. Rural Retreat- “School Spirit”

- Isaiah Addair

Friday, November 1, 2013

Heisman Watch

Marcus Mariota

With all eyes on Johnny Manziel this football season, no one expected a newcomer to take the top spot on the Heisman charts. That newcomer is Oregon’s own Marcus Mariota. Mariota, a sophomore has not made a mistake all season. He has thrown zero interceptions. The Ducks have won all seven games that they have played. In fact, they have not only won, but have dominated. The Ducks score about 60 points a game-- unheard of.

This Saturday, Mariota will have to show everyone why he is #1 in the Heisman voting. Oregon’s quarterback will be up against #12 UCLA. Mariota has thrown for 2,000 yards and 19 touchdowns.

The Oregon Ducks have never had someone win the Heisman trophy. Mariota could be their first!

-Jacob Wynn

Jameis Winston

ESPN reports that Marcus Mariota, quarterback from Oregon, is in first, but young QB Jameis Winston from Florida State is close behind. He has a lot to prove, and he has shown everyone that he belongs in the NCAA. According to College Football Talk, the biggest game of the year for him was against the #9 ranked (#3 at the time) Clemson Tigers. It was a big game that Clemson was expected to win, but Florida State proved them wrong. It wasn’t even close, as the Seminoles beat Clemson 51-14. Winston was great, throwing for 444 yards and three touchdowns, and really made a Heisman stand at Death Valley. He also has 2,177 passing yards, 23 touchdowns, and a 207.0 QBR (Quarterback Rating). His Florida State Seminoles are undefeated and ranked second in the nation. Can Jameis Winston lead FSU to their third national championship? We can only watch and see what happens!

-Blake Holmes

Ka'Deem Carey

A Junior tailback for Arizona University, Ka’Deem Carey tears up defenses just as easily as a young Adrian Peterson. Peterson suffered a devastating injury while in college, limiting his carries. Their statistics from their freshman to junior seasons are as follows:
Adrian Peterson
Ka’Deem Carey
1925 yards (5.7 avg.)
425 yards (4.7 avg.)
1108 yards (5.0 avg.)
1929 yards (6.4 avg.)
1012 yards (5.4 avg.)
920 yards (5.9 avg.)
                                *Carey’s Junior season is still underway. (Stats from ESPN)

Though Carey did not start his freshman year, his yards per carry average has stayed in the clouds. Also, Peterson only compiled 198 reception yards during his college career, while Ka’Deem Carey had more than that in his freshman season alone. Vote Carey for Heisman!

-Isaiah Addair

Suriano Loses Top Spot

Last Saturday at the Super 32 Challenge, #1-ranked Nick Suriano fell to #2-ranked Spencer Lee. No one expected Lee to beat a dominant Suriano. Suriano finished his freshman season undefeated, winning the Beast of the East and the Super 32 Challenge. Last year at the Super 32, Nick Suriano beat Spencer Lee with a last-second takedown to win the belt! This year, however, it was a different story.

Going into the third period, Lee was ahead 1 to 0, before Suriano got a quick escape to tie the score at 1 to 1. Lots of hand-fighting and shots took place in the final seconds of the third period. Neither Lee nor Suriano scored in the third period, so the match went into overtime. 30 seconds into overtime, Suriano hit a deep single leg shot; Lee countered, and Lee scored!  Freshman Spencer Lee won the title, and took Suriano’s top spot in the national rankings.

-Jacob Wynn

Two Rooks of the Year on One Team

After a magnificent Sunday night win for the Arizona Cardinals over the Atlanta Falcons, it’s hard not to realize the impacts of two overwhelming rookies. According to GameCenter, sixth-round tailback out of Clemson Andre Ellington leads all rookie tailbacks with total yards from scrimmage.

Playing in flex roles under Head Coach Bruce Arians, Ellington catches deep passes and also takes the load off of starter Mendenhall in the run game. On the other side of the ball, a third round rookie from Louisiana State University, FS Tyrann Mathieu has overcome his destructive college marijuana addiction that booted him from LSU to dominate in all aspects every week for the Cardinals.

During Sunday’s win, Ellington had a beautiful 80-yard TD run, good enough for third best in franchise history, on his way to 154 total rush yards with a 10.3 yards/rush mark. Mathieu, though, continues to make the big-time tackles in run support as well as picking off the ball on passes. Can they be the first two of the same team to win the AP Rookie of the Year awards in the same season?

-Isaiah Addair

Rural Retreat v. Cavaliers

Friday, October 26, the Rural Retreat Indians went to face the Holston Cavaliers. Rural Retreat won the coin toss, and received the ball in the first quarter. The Indians fumbled the ball, and the Cavaliers recovered the ball. The Cavaliers got a touchdown a few plays afterwards, and also got the extra point. The Indians had the ball, fumbled the ball a second time, and turned it over to Holston. With the ball in Holston’s possession, they fumbled the ball, and Rural Retreat was able to recover it. The ball was back in the hands of the Indians, and they proceeded to midfield. Then, the Indians made a good run, and moved to the 20 yard line. Later, the Indians scored a touchdown, making the score 7 to 6, with the Cavaliers only one point ahead. The Cavaliers had the ball, but were unable to make any progress, so they punted it to Rural Retreat at the 47-yard line. Rural Retreat inched their way toward the end zone, but fumbled the ball a third time. Holston then moved slowly down until they were only nine yards from a touchdown before the quarter ends. The final score is seven to six still.

In the second quarter, Holston got the ball first, and scored the first touchdown of the quarter. The Indians got the ball, but were unable to make any progress, so they punted the ball to Holston. Holston moved to midfield, but made no further ground. The ball was given to the Indians with six minutes left. The Indians slowly pushed their way toward the end zone. With only a couple seconds left in the second quarter, Rural Retreat scored a last-minute touchdown. The final score for this quarter was 13 to 12, still with the Cavaliers ahead by one point.

In the third quarter, the Cavaliers got the ball. They didn’t make any ground, so they punted the ball the Rural Retreat. The Indians made very little progress before turning the ball back over. The Cavaliers made another touchdown, and attempted to make a two-point conversion. The two-point conversion failed, however, due to a flag against Holston. Rural Retreat didn't make any progress, and made it to the 29-yard line before giving the ball back to the Cavaliers. The Cavaliers scored a touchdown, and there were
 only five minutes left on the clock. Later, towards the end of the quarter, Holston scored another touchdown, and this time got a two-point conversion. The final score in the third quarter was 33 to 12, with Holston in the lead.

In the final quarter, neither team got a touchdown until the end of the quarter. It was cold, and both teams had played hard, but the final quarter slowed down for both teams. The Cavaliers scored a touchdown and brought their score up to 41. The Indians made the final touchdown of the game with a large run down the side of the field, boosting their final score to 18. Holston won 41 to 18, but the Indians put forth a hard fight. It was Holston’s Homecoming, after all.

The Indians have only two games left in the season, and the final game is against George Wythe. We can only hope to see future victories at the last two games.

Halloween Short Story Contest Winner: Mirror Image

I lie in bed wide awake staring at the ceiling. I couldn’t sleep, at least not like this. I lie completely motionless. I hadn’t moved from this position all night long. I hadn’t even closed my eyes. I could not close them, not for a minute. I had to stay awake.

There have been several strange deaths throughoutthe city. Every time a body has been discovered, a shattered mirror has been found near the sight of the victim. Everyone assumed that a serial killer was wrecking havoc, no matter who it might be, but no one could prove a murderer had done any of the killings. Nobody could be sure where such a murder would strike next, but I had an idea of who the next target might be: it was me that would die next.

I knew something was after me. No one saw the pattern, but I did. I tried to warn everyone of the dreadful news, but no one seemed to listen. I had noticed odd things throughout the week. Things seemed eerie, and I never felt alone. What bothered memost of all was the constant reappearance of mirrors.

They were everywhere. Tuesday I got my hair cut, and the barber held up a mirror for me to see my reflection. It wouldn’t have seemed so strange if the mirror didn’t have a gaping crack across the side. I was at the mall Wednesdayevening, and I noticed a sign in the Ashley’s Furniture store that was advertising mirrors on sale. Yesterday, I won a free pass to a mirror maze outside of town. All these mirrors made me uneasy, and that was why I now lie awake.

I listened for a moment. All I heard was the ticking clock. Each tick sounded farther and farther apart from the last. My heart, however, was pounding rapidly and loudly in my chest. I couldn’t hear over my pulse, and it was killing me.

I sat up in my bed and stared past my headboard. All the recent mirrors wouldn’t bother me so much, but across from my bed stood a tall antique vanity made of old oak wood that had a great oval mirror on top. I presumed it was the oldest piece of furniture in my house.

I stared into the mirror and at my reflection, but something seemed different. My reflection wasn’t right. I squinted and tried to see what seemed so strange, and finally I noticed what was obviously wrong. I was petrified, but staring back was my grinning reflection. My heart stopped, and the clock ticked alone. I wasn’t smiling.

I slowly lied back down in my bed. My eyes stared back up at the ceiling, but something was amiss. It had to do with the mirror. It had decided to stop reflecting me, and I could feel its eyes burning into me through my blankets. My reflection continued to stay sitting up in bed watching me even though I no longer was. The unnatural made me feel uneasy.

I told myself to ignore it, and to not sit back up. That would only evoke more fear. I tried to think of other things like my time at college for the past couple months, but whatever I thought about was only interrupted by my reflection. I could still feel its eyes, and I couldn’t stand it.

I sprung up from my bed, and shouted at the mirror: “What do you want from me?” I pleaded. I should have never asked. I should have stayed in my bed, because I wasn’t expecting an answer. Rules of logic no longer applied here.

My reflection just smiled sinisterly. It didn’t say anything, but it stared at me grinning with absolute pleasure. It was laughing at me now. I couldn’t hear it, but I could see it laughing.

I shifted to confront the mirror. I had to stay strong. I might be able to fight back somehow. I ran to my closet on the right side of the room. My reflection stayed where it was, laughing even harder now, like it had finally pulled me into its clutches. There was something in my closet I needed. I prayed that what I was searching for might still be there.

I pulled out a revolver from one of the top shelves, and pointed it at the mirror. My reflection had stopped laughing, but still had that sly smile on its face. I noticed my reflection held a revolver by its side. It was the same pistol as mine.

I stepped closer to the mirror, and looked my reflection in the eye. I aimed the pistol at its head. My reflection stopped smiling, and we stared each other in the eye.He stared, daring me to make the first move. I had the gun aimed and ready for anything that would go wrong.

My reflection wasn’t doing anything. We stared at each other for several minutes. It was so long, I thought it was finally mimicking me again. I was reminded that it couldn’t be copying me because it didn’t have a gun aimed at my face.

Suddenly, the mirror started to move. My reflection shifted back and forth, morphing and changing shape. The reflection was being molded. Its face was being melted like wax. I couldn’t watch. I wanted to look away, but I couldn’t. I was watching myself melt.

Then the face materialized again, but it wasn’t my face. It was a strange face I didn’t recognize. It was horrifying to see someone else’s face on my body. I was pouring sweat, and the gun in my hand began to shake.

My reflection shifted into another stranger, and then another. It morphed into another and another, shifting faster and faster. Sweat beaded on my face, and the revolver shook even harder in my hands. I couldn’t stop watching. If I looked away, I would be killed. I wasn’t about to let that happen.

Just when I thought I couldn’t take any more, the mirror stopped. My reflection was back. It wasn’t smiling anymore, and the gun was pointed at my head. My face had returned. I couldn’t be relieved, however. I looked deep into my eyes. I looked horrible. The look on my face was one of absolute horror. My entire body was trembling, and the gun in my hand must weigh a ton. I looked like a demented man, someone who deserved to be confined in a prison cell. The more I studied, the more I thought my face was unrecognizable. It was my face, but I looked like a complete stranger. It couldn’t be my face at all. It was a trick.

I cried out with anger, and pulled the trigger. I heard the gunshot echo, but time moved slowly. The bullet slowly eased towards the mirror. Inch by inch, it flew towards my unnatural reflection. The bullet and its reflection met in the middle, and the mirror shattered. Glass flew in all directions, but there was something else.

A bullet had penetrated the mirror, but it wasn’t just one. It was a mirror, and what you did to one side had to be done on the other. My reflection had made me believe this rule could be ignored; I let my reflection change what I believed.

As the bullet leisurely made its way towards me, I realized the mirror had manipulated me. I thought I had outsmarted it, but it had outsmarted me. The bullet made impact and all I can remember was my reflection laughing at me.

What happens on one side of a mirror must happen on the other.

-Dylan Crigger

Final Band Competition of the Year

This past Saturday, the band had its last competition of the season at UVA Wise. 

In class A ,the band received numerous awards:

  • 2nd place Drum Major
  • 2nd place Music
  • 2nd place Drum Line

The Rural Retreat High School band did a great job and is looking forward to and awesome concert season!

-Jessie Ritz